Utah steamrolls No. 14 Stanford 40-21

ANNOUNCER 1: Little option, Moss the cut, and a touchdown for Utah. A silencer by Zack Moss on the road. End zone, short, Jaylon Johnson with the interception. It’s a foot race. And it’s a house call for Utah.

Hand off, first down, Zack Moss. Forget the first down, it’s a touchdown. And Utah is rolling out west.

Cameron Scarlett into the end zone, touchdown Cardinal. Costello, wide open man, touchdown Stanford. Michael Wilson with the first touchdown of his career.

Huntley stays on his feet, launches down the sideline. He’s got Nacua, touchdown. Oh, what a turn of events for Tyler Huntley.

ANNOUNCER 2: How about that throw? How about staying alive. Gabe Reed had him in the backfield. And Huntley got out of it.

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