Troy Terry: ‘It’s a fun team to be a part of right now.’

– Tory, congratulations on this one. Obviously, this was a great one to celebrate in style over the 25th anniversary season.

– Yeah.

– You obviously– Randy Carlyle has so much trust in all the young guys, yourself included, out there in overtime and the shootout. What did this win mean to you overall?

– Yeah, I think it– well, I know how much it means to the fans and the city. First of all, I mean, 25 years is a big thing. And, you know, they came all out tonight and brought the energy and it helped us, you know, when we’re down a goal and, you know, we wanted to do it for them. So that was fun. And then, you know, just, kind of– it was not really any choice but for some of us young guys to play in those situations right now and then we know we’re battling some injuries. And I think it’s just great for me and Sam Steel, and Comtois, and Sherwood and guys to get experience in those situations. And, you know, I think it will just help down the road in feeling more comfortable, overall, when you’re playing in those high pressure situations.

– And, as you say, there’s not a lot of– much choice– six rookies in the lineup tonight. You guys were out there together in overtime as well. Going back to regulation, you had a couple of looks there. What did you like about the looks that you were getting tonight?

– Yeah, you know, it’s– obviously, I want to score. So it’s tough, but, you know, just trying not to get frustrated and just knowing that, you know, the– it’s better to not score, but the chances are there. And, you know, I’m still trying to get as comfortable as I can in this league and, kind of, figure out my game. And, you know, I thought it was good for me that I had so many scoring chances, and then I was able to create some stuff tonight. And, you know, once one goes in, I think they’ll start going in, and then it’s just, kind of, a matter of time. But it felt good to just really create stuff by– like my– space for myself and just create plays.

– You talk about when one goes in the shootout there– obviously, your number got called early in the shootout. What were you looking to do there?

– You saw it. I think it’s no secret that I’ve done that before. Yeah. So I think– I feel a lot of pressure on those things now– every time I go over the boards to take one. And, luckily, it worked out again. This– it was, kind of, the same move as I’ve always done. So it felt good to, like, have that one go in and just have a goal go in no matter what the scenario is. And it ended up being a big one too. So it was– just felt good to beat a goalie.

– And, of course, to be the goalie in the NHL– you talk about having one that goes in–

– Yeah.

– –how much confidence does that give you getting that– you know, obviously, this team 3 and 0 and you guys are really, kind of, building the rookies and everybody, mixed with the veterans– and, for you, getting that one in the back of the net, what does this do for you guys moving forward?

– Yeah, I think– you know, Comtois scored early and I think it really helped him. And it helped his confidence. I think as a young guy you need– you try to stick to what you’re doing and the way you play, but, you know, you need some assurance sometimes that what you’re doing is working. And when you’re not scoring, it’s, kind of, hard to stick to what you know. And you want to deviate from that and try other things. And, you know– so it’s good to just have some assurance that, you know, we’re ready and the things that we’re doing are working. And it’s a fun team to be a part of right now.

– Ready and fun to watch. Thank you so much.

– Thank you.

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