TOM vs TIME: Colin Cowherd reveals how Brady actually losing his battle against the clock is a good thing

– “Tom vs. Time.” You know the irony is? He’s actually losing the battle. And what that tells me as Tom is aging the way we should all age– gracefully. He’s not doing HGH. He’s not doing stem cell rejuvenation. Tom is aging the way you should age. As you get older, you can still perform at a high level. Kobe Bryant had 60 points in his final game. But let me tell you how it works when you get into your 50s and late 40s, because I am there and have been there. You can’t drink on back to back nights. You can’t twist your ankle and play a pickup game the next day. You can be great, but you need rest.

Here’s when Tom Brady is now great– look at the numbers– September and early October. Rested, weathers good, off-season. He’s also very good off byes. He’ll be very good this weekend. Here’s what he’s not great– December. Yeah, 22 weeks of games in practice. He’s not as good. Don’t blame the weather. He’s not playing in blizzards, folks. He’s yet to play in one this year. He played in Miami and looked awful. Tom Brady is aging the way pro-athletes should age when they wear kale pajamas, they eat right, they exercise, and they don’t drink alcohol.

Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, fell a little more of a cliff– a little more. LeBron is aging gracefully, but if you paid attention to Brady and LeBron, you can see differences. Tom is aging like athletes do when they don’t take HGH and when they don’t do blood spinning. That’s why “Tom vs. Time” is kind of ironic to me, is that actually, the time is winning if you just pay attention. I’ll go watch it. It’s kind of fascinating to see Brady’s house and his kids and his family and his training methods. I think it’ll be interesting. But “Tom vs. Time”– the fact he’s losing makes me respect him more. Like, Kobe Bryant got hurt at the end of his career. That was a good indication he probably wasn’t taking HGH in the last two years. He struggled to stay healthy. He wasn’t as good back to backs. When you get older, you can still be great, it’s just hard to do it on back to backs, it’s hard to do it after a hard night of partying, it’s hard to do it on a bad night’s sleep.

You know, I was up in– there’s an area north of Los Angeles called Santa Barbara– Montecito. It’s a beautiful area. Oprah lives up there. It’s you know, it’s Ellen– it’s– you know, it’s really– like, eight NBA owners own a house up there. And I was up there one night, I took my wife up for the night and we went out and had dinner. And we were at this restaurant– and I don’t know why this sticks in my head– but my wife wasn’t offended, she’s not insecure, and I was sitting next to a couple, and the woman had gray hair, short hair, dark black glasses, looked very kind of Hollywood executive– and you know, just was letting herself age. And I turned to my wife and I said, she’s 60? I’m like, she’s really good looking. And there was no facelift, and her hair was naturally gray and she had to wear glasses and she wasn’t trying to wear something that made her look younger. And I was like, she’s aging because she’s confident in who she is and she’s aging the way you should age and she not trying hard.

Tom’s really good. All you have to do is pay attention– he’s not the same. He’s not. He doesn’t play– he plays significantly better early in seasons than late. That’s not weather. I lived in New England. No blizzards this weekend. I lived where Tom lived– I lived an hour from Tom’s house. I know where Tom lived, I know where I lived. I tracked it– no I’m not a stalker. I lived an hour from him. I know the exact weather. It doesn’t really, really– January and February– sometimes we got snow in December. Sometimes we had a snowy Christmas. Sometimes we didn’t. I had a 44 degree Christmas. January, February– stink. Well, by that time, sometimes you play at home, sometimes you plan on the road. Sometimes Super Bowls are in warm weather, and I’m including that game.

So “Tom vs. Time” I think is interesting. I just think– I mean, this December, do you realize– think about this year for Tom. Tom, before December this year– this year– 26 touchdowns, three picks, passer rating 112. Tom in December this year– six touchdowns, five picks, passer rating below Blake Bortles. This year is again– Tom versus time– the battle he’s losing. But he’s not on HGH. He’s not spinning his blood. He’s eating kale four times a day. He’s wearing those pajamas that Christine bought. He is not drinking. He’s getting a rest. He’s doing all the things to extend his greatness. But even with all that? He’s tired by the end of the year. Now I do predict off a bye– he’ll play very good this weekend. But his last five playoff games– bad against Denver, bad against Houston, bad first half against Atlanta, good first Pittsburgh.

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