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Tom Brady Just Got Richer By $14 Million

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Tom Brady

Top 5 Tom Brady Throws | NFL (Photo : Shawn / YouTube)

It sure is nice to be in New England Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady’s position. If there is one player that almost everybody envies, it’s Tom Brady. For starters, he just won his fifth Super Bowl title, coming back from 25 points down against the Atlanta Falcons.

Tom Brady broke all sorts of records on Super Bowl LI on his way to being named Super Bowl LI MVP. His Super Bowl win comes as a vindication for the four-game suspension hand to him by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as a result of the “deflategate” incident. Tom Brady has earned millions of dollars over the course of his storied career. And let’s not forget that he is also married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Life is definitely good for Tom Brady. But, apparently, there’s still more in store for him as he is set to receive a signing bonus from the New England Patriots.

As ESPN reports, Tom Brady is set to receive a $14 million deferred signing bonus at the end of March. Tom Brady’s signing bonus comes as a result of the contract extension he signed last off-season with the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady received $28 million total in signing bonus as part of the deal he signed last year, as reported by SB Nation. The signing bonus was split into with the first $14 million paid out at the time of the signing and the next $14 million to be given out this year.

NFL teams paying out signing bonuses to players, like the one given to Tom Brady, is a common practice in the NFL. It’s considered a method of cash flow management.

Tom Brady’s contract extension was an insurance of sorts for Tom Brady because he knew that the NFL would be suspending him for four games. By signing the deal, Tom Brady avoided losing almost $2 million in salary as a result of the suspensions.


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