The reason Baker Mayfield is going in the 1st round is Russell WIlson, Colin Cowherd explains

– The reason he’s going to go in the first round is Russell Wilson. And let me explain– the way it works in the NFL– every GM I’ve ever talked to– what they asked their scouts to do– this is what they asked their scouts to do. You have a Regional, National Director of Scouting. Then you have Regional Directors of Scouting. Then you got the troops– the soldiers that are all watching the games. They have comps.

– So NFL GM’s and Scouting Directors demand, before you scout a player, they want three comps. What would it be at the highest end– the lowest end. And what do you think he’ll be? We never drafted with first round picks– 5’11” cocky quarterbacks who are walk-on’s and play in a pillow-fight conference.

– For a team, Oklahoma– work. Sam Bradford had huge numbers. Jason White had huge numbers. This system– this conference produces quarterbacks– Baylor– Oklahoma, with massive numbers. We got a police video. We’ve got throwing a football to rival during pre-game TCU. Russell Wilson is the comp for him. If Russell Wilson did not exist, Johnny Manziel, at 5’11” with an average arm, doesn’t get drafted in the first round, because everybody is using Russell Wilson as a comp. And this is where I laugh.

– Stop using Russell Wilson as a comp. Russell Wilson ran a 4,540 Johnny Manziel ran a 475. I ran a 475 in high school. That doesn’t make you a great athlete. Russell Wilson’s an incredible athlete– had a 34 and 1/2 inch vertical. Johnny Manziel’s at 30. I almost had a 30 vertical in high school. That’s not a tremendous athlete. 34 close to what– stupendous athlete. Russell Wilson, Ivy League educated father– Dartmouth– OK. Maturity– he was a baseball and football prospect, Russell Wilson. People are using Russell Wilson to elevate Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel to the first round.

– Baker Mayfield’s a good athlete. He’s not a great athlete and here’s an example– we know that in Oklahoma, all the quarterbacks put up great numbers. Bakers are better but they all– Jason White put up huge numbers. Sam Brett– Bradford put up huge numbers. Baker– here is what people aren’t paying attention to. Go back to Russell Wilson’s college career. I’m going to give you the quarterback numbers the year before Russell arrived and the year after. It is remarkable– 16 TDs, six picks– a 190-yard a game average before him. 14 TDs, six picks, 157 yards– the quarterbacks on average after him.

– Russell Wilson walked into a conservative offense that does not throw the football in a meat and potatoes conference and put up unbelievable numbers– 33 touchdowns– three interceptions– 230 yards a game. People are using Russell as a comp. Russell is one of the 15 greatest athletes in the history of this league.

– Baker Mayfield’s a 4,840 guy who’s small and cocky. Johnny Manziel is a 475 guy who’s small, uncoachable, and cocky and had no personal discipline. I’ve got nothing against either guy. Baker is going to make it in the first round because there’s about nine teams that need a quarterback mostly in the AFC. But they’re using a Hall of Famer as their comp. Russell is a complete outlier in Wisconsin history, Big Ten history, and NFL history.

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