Ten Billboards Outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin

– I got to throw this out there. So the Packers are working on a deal for Aaron Rodgers right now. And it’s apparently going to pay him more than Jimmy Garoppolo. And he’s 34 years old. He’s still got two years left on his deal.

And my takeaway is, don’t sign. Has it gone that well in Green Bay? Have they always sign the free agents you’ve asked for? Your running backs are weak. They’ve let go of two to three good offensive linemen.

Your receivers are OK. Your defense is good, but they haven’t always resigned players you want. Last year you asked for Jared Cook, one guy, they wouldn’t resign him.

Like why? Why is Aaron Rodgers– who cares if they’re offering? Aaron Rodgers has $100 million dollars net worth. He has more leverage than anybody in the NFL.

No franchise needs their quarterback more than Green Bay needs Aaron Rodgers. I mean, you think, you think LeBron has leverage? Aaron Rodgers has more because the NFL is a bigger deal than the NBA. He could ask for anything. He’s got two years left.

And here’s what’s amazing. So right now in Philadelphia, some business put up these billboards to attract LeBron. Philly wants LeBron. And it’s really clever. And it’s really funny. And they show a basketball court and the King.

And I love this. I think it’s funny. It’s legal. It’s not the Sixers. And I’m thinking to myself, so some entrepreneurial fan is like– you know, obviously, if I was LeBron, you’d be flattered by it. They are actively recruiting LeBron.

Here’s my thing, aren’t there a couple of NFL teams amd NFL fan bases that should go out and buy billboards in Green Bay, Wisconsin? If I was a fan base in Arizona that needs a quarterback, I would go by five or six billboards. I would buy I would buy them right next to the stadium in Lambeau. I would buy them right next to Aaron Rodgers’ house.

I know how Aaron Rodgers– you can Google, where he probably lives somewhere. Find the road he drives to the stadium. And I would put– I am not kidding. You you know it’s not going to cost you much.

And I would buy, if I was the Arizona Cardinals, five or six billboards that Aaron Rodgers would see every day driving to work. On one of the billboards, “Got sun?” Just remind him about the weather in Arizona. Take a shot at the Packers. “Cheese is unhealthy.”

Let him know as he drives to work, “it’s 84 here, again.” I would put billboards every day, “Golf everyday.” Reminding Aaron Rodgers, “Dude, we salt margaritas, not sidewalks.” I would let Aaron Rodgers know, “Scottsdale equals Hottsdale,” wink, wink.

– Is this Cowboy music that we’re playing?

COLIN COWHERD: Well, if I was the Dallas Cowboys, I’d do the same thing if I was a fan base. Right next to the stadium, hey Aaron, “We sign free agents.” Hey Aaron Rodgers, “our running back doesn’t wear number 88.” Hey Aaron Rodgers, “how ’bout them Cowboys? No really, how ’bout it?

– How ’bout them Cowboys?

– Yeah!

COLIN COWHERD: Hey Aaron Rodgers, “All your exes don’t live in Texas.” Now, the Chargers are notoriously cheap, so they just bought one billboard and, yeah, I mean, that’s the Charger. But it’s like this Philadelphia fan base, this is brilliant.

I love it. They’re like hey, this isn’t about the team. This isn’t tampering. I’m surprised NFL teams– Aaron Rodgers to me has more leverage than any American athlete. Listen, I love Steph Curry, but they’ve got Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green. I love LeBron, but Cleveland can rebuild. If LeBron leaves, they’ve got all sorts of cap space.

Do you see what happened to the Packers when Aaron Rodgers got hurt? Teams, fan bases, billboards, Wisconsin, go for it, be aggressive.

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