Skip on the Oklahoma Sooners falling to the Georgia Bulldogs: ‘It was a classic collapse of the highest order!’

– I’m going to say one more time, I was born and raised a University of Oklahoma fan. I take my Sooners way more seriously and personally than I take my Dallas Cowboys. Trust me on that.

And if you had told me, sitting in your chair 24 hours ago, that my Sooners would score 48 with 513 total yards on that defense– because that’s a good defense.


– It’s talented and it’s smart, and its senior-laden, and it’s extremely well-coached. And I told you yesterday that Kirby Smart has instilled a backbone in that defense.


– I never sensed when Mark Richt was in charge of that program that has been the ultimate NFL pipeline.


– And if you had told me 48 points 513– if you told me that my team would be ahead 31 to 14 with six seconds left in the first half, I would have said, thank you. Congratulations to me. Happy new year to me.


– And instead– and I am sick to death. I’m hearing people call this a classic game. It was the farthest thing, for me, from a classic game. It was a classic collapse of the highest order. I would rather– seriously, I wish I’d lost 60 to nothing as opposed to the way this unfolded.

Because in the first half, Georgia had zero answers for anything Baker Mayfield and company did; zero answers for a Rodney Anderson. I told you he’s got some Todd Gurley in him. He ran for 125 in the first half. Baker Mayfield threw for 200 in the first half. Oklahoma went six for eight on third down in the first half. It’s hard to score 31 points on anyone, let alone in the first half on Georgia in the Rose Bowl with a chance to get to the national championship game.

And then, once again, I got Stoopsed. I got Stoopsed. again. It’s been Bob Stoops as the head coach of my Oklahoma Sooners for many years, dating back to 1999. But I’m pretty sure that he made some sort of agreement. I will step aside. I’ll become an ambassador for the program. But you need to keep my brother, Mike, up in the press box, coaching your defense, what there is of it, to your point.

And this was the ultimate disaster on defense. Because, to your point, Jake Fromm played really well for a true freshman. I give you. He’s got poise. He looks like he belongs. The moments don’t get too big for him. He drove them for the tying touchdown. That was hard to do, man.


– He’s making one play after another. He’s got two high-quality backs behind him. And they all play with discipline and poise, that whole group does. So I– hats off to Georgia. And in the end, they were the better football team.

But the point is, Jake Fromm is just a true freshman. And the point is, that’s not an aerial circus that he is operating.


– They mostly run the football. And to your point, they didn’t just run it. They ran LA freeway runs, right? It was like the 405 is over here. And the 10 is over here. And the 605 freeway is over here. And they’re going 75 yards, touchdown; 50 yards, touchdown; 38 yards, touchdown. And the ultimate indignity was the last play of the game when Sony Michel, he just turns up off the left side, and nobody’s home. He had a walk-in touchdown to win the game.


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