Skip on Lakers’ Lonzo Ball: ‘I’m taking him to the bank… I love what he’s made of’

– And to quote the great Magic Johnson, if you go second-level stats, analytical stats, he was the most efficient player in all of college basketball. Take that to the bank. I’m taking him to the bank, because I love what he’s made of. I love his character. I love his humility.

I think he does have quiet charisma. He doesn’t have the outgoing charisma that Magic displayed right off the bat his first year out. But remember, Magic was a much older player when he came out of Michigan State.

SHANNON SHARPE: He came out as a sophomore.

– And I’m buying not only Lonzo Ball, rookie of the year, over Ben Simmons– you can call me crazy, but I said this three months ago, and I’m going to stick with it today. I think the Lakers are going to be the eighth seed. And you can laugh all you want, but I really like this team. I think it’s deep enough and talented enough.

And that other rookie– and Magic has just– everybody is raving about Kyle Kuzma. He’s fearless. He’s a man. He has his man body. Lonzo is starting to get his, as Lobar says, his ball body. He’s starting to fill out a little bit.

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