Skip compares Tom Brady to Michael Jordan

– I was watching Tom Brady be as clutch– the clutchest athletic performer in any sport we have ever seen. And he did it again on the biggest stage yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it. All year long you make the case, I’ll take Aaron Rodgers because in a vacuum he is the greatest thrower of the football– baloney, baloney. Aaron Rodgers won one Super Bowl seven years ago. He’s 5 and 6 in the postseason since then.

This guy on the biggest stages keeps coming up as clutch as anybody ever. Like I told you last year, I’m the biggest Michael Jordan fan you will find on the planet. But this guy is even more clutch than Michael Jordan.

– He can’t be because Michael Jordan has never lost in the finals. So you can’t say he’s more clutch when he’s lost two games in the final.

– The problem is for Michael he was too good for his own good because they never played a single game seven in any of those finals. These are all games 7 type games.

– So that goes to his greatness that he wouldn’t allow it to get to that point. Now see, that’s the point that you make when you’re trying to bash LeBron, how great Michael Jordan was he never went to a game seven. Now you try to flip it to show Tom Brady has surpassed him, you say if he was so– he should have went to game seven to show his clutchness. You can’t have it both ways.

– And speaking of LeBron James, I know he’s in his 15th year and he’s iron man– baloney. This guy at age 40, it’s like he’s 22.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, he plays–

– He’s in his– at the end of his 18th year and he played that level yesterday?

– Skip, he plays one side of the ball.

– Woo, woo, but it’s still football man and he still gets rocked. Did Myles Jack not jack – Him up?

– Yeah, he got to hit a couple of times Skip. But you can’t say a guy that’s playing both offense and defense in year 15 is the equivalent of a guy playing offense and 18 years at the quarterback position. Come on Skip.

Now let’s be real about this. I’m not trying to take anything away from Tom Brady.

– Yeah, you see any decline?

– I’m not trying to–

– You see and decline in his game?

– I’m not trying to poo-poo what he’s doing. But you’re trying to make it seem like– oh my God. And again, I know you’re trying to hold. You don’t want to talk about it, and he did this with 12 stitches in his hand.

– Wait, time out, time out. I’m glad you just said that. Did I bring up– it was 10 stitches. Did I bring up anything about his hand? I’ve spoken 300 words? What have I spoken– not about half as many as you have so far. But the point is, did I bring up his hand one time Joy Taylor?

JOY TAYLOR: No you didn’t.

– I did not mention it because I don’t need to mention it. It doesn’t matter.


– You brought it up.

– You were going–

– You brought it up.

– That’s why you keep hyping it last week.

– Way to go Shannon.

– You kept hyping it last week–

– I didn’t hype it all–

– –because you [INAUDIBLE].

– Wait, wait, wait, hold on just a second. You were the guy who on Thursday’s show said the Patriots are fabricating this injury. Wait, did he go cut himself in the locker room so he could put 10 stitches in?

– Skip, that’s not-

– Maybe they painted the 10 stitches.

– Skip, that is not what I said.

– Did they paint them on?

– I said they’re–

– Lord have mercy.

JOY TAYLOR: Exaggerating.

– –embellished.

– First you use the word fabricated. The second day you said, “Maybe I went a little too far.”

– No, I didn’t say maybe I went too far. I see maybe I didn’t do a good enough job explaining it. I’m saying he’s injured, but I’m saying they’re embellishing the extent. The cut was not in the palm. Now if he’s a defensive or offensive lineman and he’s got to lock out, OK. If he’s a receiver and he has to catch the ball, OK. Skip, the cut was on the backside of his hand, so stop.

– Wait a minute, stop what? I never started. Did I say anything about his hand?

– You kept bringing it– Skip.

– I just said he was hurt. You said he’s not hurt.

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