Skip Bayless: Wade joining the Cavs will be great for LeBron ‘on and off the court’

– 15th year for Dwyane Wade, 15th year for LeBron James.


– That’s a lot of basketball.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, LeBron, it’s like he’s in his eighth year.


He plays like it.

– I’m going to have to give this up to you today. Anybody who knows me on the shows I’ve been on, on various networks, especially the old network, knows how big a believer I am in one Dwyane Wade. Beyond LeBron James, I’m a believer in Dwyane Wade.

And even though he will turn 36 years of age in January, and even though I’m told his knees are basically bone on bone, without much cartilage. You can remedy that if you go to Germany. And maybe he went to Germany. I don’t know. But he’s got knee issues.

SHANNON SHARPE: They add a little something at that thing in Germany. They add a little something to it. They put a little spin on that thing, Joy.

– Whatever. Yeah, they add some good things, too, stem cells.

– Yeah, a little something– a little something in that thing.

– But Kobe went to Germany. It helped a little bit. It could help Dwyane a little bit. But he’s still got rickety knees. They come, and they go.


– And they were rickety in 2014 when my Spurs blew those Heat off the floor by a record margin in that finals in five games, but that detonated. I’m going to take my talents out of South Beach, and I’m going home, right? That’s what happened.

But now Dwyane is rejoining, reuniting with LeBron James. And I’m going to give this up to you today. I think it will be really, really good for LeBron James on and off the floor.


– Dwyane taught LeBron a lot about how to win at this level, especially at the championship level, because Dwyane Wade is a natural-born winner. Everywhere he has gone, except last year in Chicago, good things have happened.


– They happened– good things happened at Marquette.

SHANNON SHARPE: Got them to the Final Four, didn’t he?

– He’s just one of those guys. He’s undersized. I don’t think– he’s like 6′ 4.5″ maybe, 6′ 4-ish, I don’t know. But he plays big.


– And he became LeBron’s big brother, his mentor, his better judgment. He had the capability– he was the only one who had the capability of saying, LeBron, timeout, calm down, sit down, think this through. How about this? Maybe you should try that. He couldn’t save him in the 2011–

SHANNON SHARPE: 2011 against him.

– Yeah.

SHANNON SHARPE: Stop bringing that up, Skip.

– I have to.

SHANNON SHARPE: No you don’t.

– Because that was the one time Dwyane couldn’t save him from himself because that was a meltdown, biggest superstar meltdown I’d ever seen.


– But still, they won two rings together, cannot take that away. And I believe that this re-tilts the East back toward Cleveland. I told you I thought Boston had the edge with Kyrie. And just because Dwyane is there as the conscience for LeBron James on and off the floor, I’m not sure how much Dwyane can add on the floor but just because they have such a deep connection.


– So look at what he did last year, and I thought it would be good for Dwyane to go home. He went home to Chicago obviously. And I thought he was going to end it there, close it out, Jordanesque fashion. Not that they’re going to win a championship, but that he would have a nice last hurrah to his career.

So what did he do? He averaged 18 points last year, not bad, but it was the worst since his rookie year. He shot a career-low 43%, not too pretty. And he averaged a career-lowest four assists a game. He played a career-lowest 30 minutes a game.

And guess what, he took 16 shots a game, which were the second on the Bulls to Jimmy Butler, who took only 17 a game. So look, Dwyane’s still jacking it up and averaging 18 a game, worst since his rookie year. Well, that’s not a good formula to fit in with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but I’m just figuring he will figure it out.

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