Skip Bayless on LeBron James in the Cavaliers’ loss to the Celtics: ‘He looked like he quit on his team’

– Why did LeBron James go 1 for 6 in the third quarter of a game that was still sitting there winnable, you’re down only 8 at halftime? And it sure looked to me like he quit on his team.


– And the message I got–

– So did Kyrie quit?

– The body language– no. He played into the fourth quarter. They didn’t even need him last night.

– Oh, but he played– LeBron played 32 minutes–

– Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait.

– Go ahead.

– You’re dodging the issue.

– OK. What’s the issue?

– The body language of LeBron James looked to me like it was saying, you know, you guys are all so sorry tonight, you don’t deserve to have me in the fourth quarter. That’s what it looked like to me. That’s what it looked like. I’m sorry.

That was pathetic. He goes 1 for 6 after the first half that he played? I guess either he’s not the fittest athlete on the planet, No. 1, or No. 2, he just said, I don’t want to be a part of this disaster.

– He did not say he wanted to be a part of it. He normally starts the fourth quarter on the bench. And the “shot troops,” as you call them, normally gets the game back in hand– can reconnect with the team. And LeBron comes back in.

It didn’t happen last night. He had already played 4– he had already played almost 33 minutes. So Ty Lue said, hey, take a break. If we get close, reconnect. We will bring you back in the ball game.

– LeBron takes himself in and out of games. And he took himself out of this one and he stayed out.

– So I just want to make sure. So every superstar reinserts themselves into the lineup.

– I only know one and it’s this guy.

– Stop doing that, Skip.

– Well, you know it and I know it.

– Skip, stop.

– He just tells Ty Lue–

– No, he doesn’t.

– –I’m in, or, I’m out.

– No, he does not. Stop it. Stop it.

– What coach in his right mind would let LeBron James in his 15th year lead the league in minutes played? Who would do it?

– Well, who would let Michael–

– Nobody would.

– Who would let Michael Jordan–

– –unless–

– Who would let Michael Jordan play 37 minutes?

– He wasn’t leading. All those guys played longer minutes. All they did.

– Skip, why?

– Do you think he was leading the league in minutes that year? He was not.

– I don’t– I’m saying– Skip, what difference does it make if I run a 10 flat 100 meters and I win the race and you ran a 10 flat in 1972? It’s still 10 flat whether– it doesn’t matter. He was playing 37 minutes in year 15. Why won’t you answer that? Why was Michael Jordan playing 37 minutes in year 15?

– I don’t know. And I don’t really care because this is LeBron right now trying to stuff the stat sheet night after night. And here he is.

And all of the sudden you’re telling me now you want it both ways, want your cake and eat it, too. Now he ran out of gas? How can the fittest player in the league run out of gas?

– Why shouldn’t I want my cake and eat it, too? What do I buy cake for, to look at? I buy it to eat it.

– We’re just barely into January.

– So?

– Why didn’t he run out of gas in April in the back-to-back at Boston? What happened in that game? What happened that night?

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