Skip Bayless: ‘Alabama did not deserve to be in the playoffs, Ohio State did!’

– First of all, I’m going to say up front– and it’s not about your question. It’s just what’s in my gut today. I’m going to say it one more time. Alabama did not belong in these playoffs.


– Ohio State belonged in these playoffs. And Nick Saban, to his credit, was able to use that backlash against Alabama as us against the world motivation in the Clemson game, which they won, which was far more impressive to me than the win last night against a Georgia team they should have beaten soundly last night. Because it’s a meat and potatoes running team, which they can stop–

SHANNON SHARPE: What’s Georgia? What’s Alabama?

– –with a freshman quarterback.

– What’s Alabama? A meat and potatoes running attack.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, they’re not–

– –with a sophomore quarterback that can’t throw.

– –not with Tua in the game.

– Oh–

– So, now let’s get to credit. How much credit does Nick deserve? Well, he deserves a measure of credit here, but not as much as you just gave him. Because all of the ESPN commentators were aware from the Alabama coaches and probably from Nick himself all week long that it was going to be a quick hook on Jalen Hurts.

All of them said it. You could hear Kirk Herbstreit even going into halftime. He had obviously been told that, I’m assuming by Nick himself, that it’s going to be a short leash, quick hook on Jalen Hurts. Because he struggles to throw the football.


– Now, I– if I had been coaching– I’m obviously not Nick Saban– I would have given Jalen Hurts, I just think he earned it, 25 and 2, one more series in the third quarter.

SHANNON SHARPE: No. He got to the half.

– OK, well, again, that’s what I would have done personally. But bully for Nick Saban. He went to the other kid because all the coaches have been telling all the ESPN commentators all week long that the other kid was just lighting it up in practice. And what was the word Kirk Herbstreit used on the telecast? He is special.


– He is a special thrower of the football. How did I know that? Well, remember the game Vanderbilt, it was at Vanderbilt against Alabama? Well, Tua got in that game pretty early because he got way out of hand. And this was the play of the year.

This is how I knew Tua and how I knew Devonta Smith too. This was the 360 spin, this is the play of the year. He spun 360 in the pocket and whipped it. Guess who that is? That was Devonta Smith, this freshman to freshman.

SHANNON SHARPE: The game winner last night.

– And it was fortuitous. You know, it was shades of things to come.


– You could see it coming because those are two freshmen who were going to go win the national championship. And by the way, you can argue the national championship was won when Tua shockingly, up against the recruiting deadline, the signing day, he was going to go to USC– or we had Jimmy Moore on yesterday– or UCLA because they had Marques Tuiasosopo on their staff.


– And he’s from St. Louis High School where Mariota went in Hawaii, in Honolulu.


– And it looked like he was bound for either USC or UCLA. And at the last second, he makes one visit to Alabama and says, I belong at Alabama. And I’m not, there’s nothing shady going on. I just think he’s a smaller town kid. And he and his family loved Tuscaloosa.


– It’s a church-going community. And they felt very comfortable. And they all moved. The whole family moved. And you could say that decision made by that 18-year-old–

SHANNON SHARPE: They’ll never have to pay a mortgage or buy a meal again in Alabama.

– You know what? After that throw– but the shock to me was that after the game, Nick is saying, we knew we couldn’t run on Georgia. You couldn’t run on Georgia? Oklahoma ran for 242 yards on Georgia. Rodney Anderson ran for 201 yards on Georgia. Are you kidding me?

– Why couldn’t they run?


– Because Baker Mayfield had the threat of being able to throw the football.

– OK, and for the record, my Oklahoma Sooners scored 31 in the first half on that Georgia defense, 31.


– And again, Jalen Hurts, god bless him, he scored zero in the first half.


– 31 by Oklahoma, 0 by Alabama.


– So obviously, this is desperation.

– Are you are you comparing Jalen Hurts to Baker Mayfield.

– No, I’m just saying, I’m comparing the offense versus the offense.


– Because listen, Romney Anderson, I told you going into the game, he is a stud. He’s got some Todd Gurley in him. So he, against Georgia, he went for 201. And Bama has got all those backs. And Nick is saying after the game, we knew we couldn’t run on Georgia. Are you kidding?

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