Skip and Shannon disagree Lonzo is a great player after recent surge

– He is already a great player.

– Stop! He is not no great player. Stop!

– He’s impacting the game in so many subtle ways that it is extraordinary what he’s already doing at age 20. The other night at San Antonio, he has 18 points, 11 rebounds, and he’s right there, leading the team in rebounding. It’s between him and Julius. Seven assists, and a steal and two blocks. And in the first quarter that game, he rose up over Pau Gasol and swatted one that– I don’t know if we got this or not–

– You know they got it. Joy–

SKIP BAYLESS: I don’t know–

– You know, he makes me– oh, Skip, man, I want you to stop with this.

– All right. We do have it! Wait. Watch this. Watch this. Here’s Pau going up. And look at Lonzo swat it. He swatted it like he’s seven feet tall.

SHANNON SHARPE: Why you do that, Skip?

– No, I’m serious. Look at this. Was that not a swat? When I saw– I was watching it live, I said, my god. This is a point guard.

JOY TAYLOR: That was pretty good.

– This is a point guard doing this. But he’s six-seven, and he’s long, and don’t tell me he’s not athletic. And he can steal it, and he can block it, and he can pass it, and it’s all subtle. I told you on Friday, it’s like he’s playing Mensa basketball, high-IQ basketball. It’s not for the easily amused. It’s not for, oh, did he score 30? No, he didn’t score 30. He had 29 at Phoenix in game number two this year.


– But here’s what just happened. I believe Jordan Clarkson was hard on Lonzo Ball. Jordan Clarkson, as you see, and we talked about him on Friday, he is a tough, opinionated young man. He is his own man. And you saw what he did at the end of the Thursday night game, right? And I believe he was all over Lonzo Ball. I believe it was like the equivalent of having Patrick Beverley in your own locker room start the year. Because he’s playing behind Lonzo, and I’m sure he just giving him the business in the locker room, in practice.

SHANNON SHARPE: And he was playing there, most–

– Playing great.

– Of those games he was playing better than Lonzo.


– And so that was–

SKIP BAYLESS: He wants those minutes. And I know how Shay Sharpe would be. You’d be all over it.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, yeah. I need to get those, bra.

– Yeah, yeah.

– Yeah, I need to get those– I need to get some of that what you’ve got.

– Yeah. And all of a sudden, that deck got a little bit cleared. And I’m seeing Lonzo play far more freely, far more aggressively, and speak far more assertively. He did a stand up on-court post-game interview on the local station here in LA, and it was the best I’ve seen him, where he was actually assertive. Usually he’s wishy-washy, you know, like trying to duck and dodge every question.

SHANNON SHARPE: Don’t want to say.

– And he was more forthright. Like, I’m becoming my own man. And I haven’t heard from his father lately, which is tremendous. I just haven’t heard from him.

– But Skip. And I know you love Lonzo. But you see what Julius Randle is doing.

SKIP BAYLESS: No he’s a good player.

– Now, I don’t know, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: He was always a good player.

– You know with a contract– you know guys normally play a little hard when that contract, you know, is up on the line. But he’s been a monster.

SKIP BAYLESS: Monster. Well, Luke said, to Luke’s credit, back in training camp, that he was a monster last year.

– And he said he was gonna– Julius Randle said he was going lose weight, he came in in shape, and had some Instagrams where he was eating fish and doing all those things. So he looks like a different player. Julius Randle’s been a monster. He’s been 20 and nines since the start of February. So he’s been every bit, if not better, than Lonzo Ball.

But I’m going to give Lonzo credit. I have no problem giving credit. But I also have no problem heaping criticism. And Lonzo Ball wasn’t playing up to the number two draft pick, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: Not for a while.

– Right. But he’s playing better now. That’s OK. But we just can’t say, in the last four games, because he’s doing this, we’re going to disregard the previous 36 games. We can’t do that, Skip.

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