Shannon Sharpe: The Celtics are the only serious threat to the Cavaliers in the East — because of Brad Stevens

– Shannon, we’re almost halfway through the season.

– Yep.

– So how big of a threat is Boston to Cleveland?

– Well, I view them as the only threat. And I’ve always thought they were the only threat to the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference, because they were the number one seed last year. And I believe Kyrie is the better all-round around player than Isaiah Thomas. I think he’s a more skilled offensive talent than Isaiah Thomas.

MAN: That’s big of you to admit. Thank you.

– And they’re the number two. But the number one– you know who they got?

MAN: Happy birthday.

– Happy birthday, [INAUDIBLE]. Hey, you got a new shoot coming out. [INAUDIBLE] collab.

– Well, he’ll send you–

– Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. As a matter of fact, as soon as I get off the show, I’m gonna call Rich [INAUDIBLE], see if he can make that happen. But anyway, the Celtics still do not have an answer for that guy’s skill. You can throw Jaylen Brown, you can throw Marcus Smart, you can throw Rozier, you can put Jayson Tatum. They have no answer for him.

MAN: You don’t think Kyrie can guard him? I’m kidding. Go ahead.


– Yeah.

MAN: Yep.

– And you know we’re not done. You know we’re gonna make a move. You know we’re gonna make a power move. You know that, don’t you, Skip?

WOMAN: You gonna call Adam Silver?

– No, no, no. This ain’t no Adam Silver.

MAN: Ron might.

– We gonna call– what you call him– Jerry West. Jerry, we got this package for you. You want it? What you want for it? Double T?

MAN: Got that number one picks.

– Yeah.

MAN: Yeah.

– Yeah. How bad you want it, Jerry? Then what we want– we want DeAndre Jordan and we want Lou Williams.

– Mmhm.

– And we’ll give you Tristan, Shump, and the number one pick.

– Might as well give him Isaiah Thomas too.

– OK, well, we got to keep something, now. We can’t give you everybody, Skip.

– Yep, because he’s going to gum up your work–

– OK, well, then, we tell throw Isaiah and Tristan and the number one pick.

MAN: Yeah.

– We’ll keep Shump. How about that? But I’ve always viewed them as the most serious threat to the Cavaliers because of Brad Stevens.

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