Shannon Sharpe reacts to Tom Brady releasing a documentary series

– Shannon, do you like this idea?

– Really, Skip?

– Yeah, really.

– Now he wants us– now he wants to offer us a glimpse into this– inside of Tom Brady. Why is that, Skip? Can you tell people why you think Tom Brady wants to open–

– No, you tell them, because you’re going to be wrong.

– You know why.


– What’s he selling, Skip? People all– people will always open up if they pitching something, Joy. Got a book, got a movie, in this case, a docu-series.


– Really, Tom Brady? Now you want to tell them. You spent the better part of 18 years being private.


– It wasn’t until you started trying to promote this health and wellness centers, the TB12 Method, now all of a sudden you want to open up. I want to show you what’s in my refrigerator, see? I got avocados, I got little cherry tart juice. Really?

– Hm.

– Ugh. First of all, Tom Brady, every great athlete is in competition with himself. He’s competing against a younger version of himself as he ages.

SKIP BAYLESS: Don’t compare other athletes to this guy.


– This is the greatest ever.

SHANNON SHARPE: All great athletes compete with a younger version of themselves as they age, because that’s what they’re compared to, Joy, the numbers that they put up in their youth. LeBron, people are looking at LeBron, they’re like, hold on, how? Because they see the younger version of what he’s doing, and they say, well, hold on. This guy is doing the same thing at 33.

SKIP BAYLESS: Wait, are you putting LeBron James in the same sentence with Tom Brady, seriously?

– Skip, stop.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, you stop.

– Stop it, Skip.

SKIP BAYLESS: One guy’s won five Super Bowls. The other guy’s lost five finals.

– So I just want to make sure, just so I’m hearing you correct.


– So whomever has the most titles mean they’re the greater of the athletes?

SKIP BAYLESS: In this case, yes.

SHANNON SHARPE: So just in this case?

– Yeah.

SHANNON SHARPE: OK, OK, cool enough.

– Mm hm.

– OK.


– [LAUGHS] That’s ridiculous, Skip, but anyway, I’ve always felt that people should be them true selves, who they are. What you see is what you get with Shannon Sharpe. I was this way when I played. I’m just the way I am. You know, I have to tone it down a little bit. You know, I can’t really turn it all the way up!

– Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

– Yeah, if we follow you Instagram, you get there.

– You know, I get crunk a little bit.

– This is like Work Shannon.

– Yeah, yeah, you know, this– OK, how about this, Skip? What you see right now is Shannon Sharpe. Now when your boy go home, that old Shay Sharpe be on that thing.


– I got to get the cut up, I get to let my hair down. I’ll put my stocking cap on, and I get to be me. That’s me. I didn’t spend the better part of my– what you saw on the football field, talking trash, guys will tell you, what you hear him say on TV, that’s just how he talked in the locker room, minus a little of the edits.


– This is what you see. What you see is what you get. Not all of a sudden, I got a book, Joy. You want to buy this? Let me tell you something about me, Joy. You know, I’m from Glennville, Georgia, grew up in a family of three, blah, blah, blah. I will tell you all that stuff because I want you to buy this coffee mug in front of me. It is a bunch of bull. Fake, fake, fake, you know it and I know it!


– Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: You’re saying Tom Brady is a fake?


– That’s the most outrageous thing that ever came out of your mouth on live television.

SHANNON SHARPE: Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.

– And it’s the wrongest thing that ever came out of your mouth.

– He wants to open up only after he started to pitch something. So what happened to year 10, why didn’t he open up, Skip? What happened in year 15, why don’t he open up, Skip? Now as he starts to move past this, because I don’t care what he said, he’s not playing to 45. He wants to pop up these TB12s.

SKIP BAYLESS: You are so jealous.

– Jealous of what?

SKIP BAYLESS: You are so resentful that he’s playing much later in life than you were able to sustain.

– No.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yes, yes, yes.

– No, no, no, no.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

– There are a lot of things you can say about Shannon Sharpe.


– Jealousy is not one of them.


– Because last I checked, you know, you– look, three rings? Let me ask you a question, Joy. If I’d a won five rings, would people have any different perceptive of me? No. They gonna say I’m still loud, I’m still brash, I’m still arrogant, and all those would be true.


– Condescending, oh, yes, absolutely.


– So the perception’s not going to change. Skip, all I’m saying is, if you’re going to be who you are, be who you are. Why did people get so–


– Let me ask you this, why did people get so upset with Tiger Woods’ scandal?


– Because he was portraying one thing and was something entirely different.

SKIP BAYLESS: He portrayed that he was the model–


SKIP BAYLESS: –husband and father.

– (IN A HIGH VOICE) Thank you, thank you.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yep, so are you saying Tom Brady is nothing like what he’s portraying, is that what you’re saying?

– All I’m saying is he wants to show you a glimpse because he wants to peddle something. This man– the kid’s in pajamas, and he in a coat– he in a jacket. Where they do that at? I mean, I like to dress up, but when I see–

JOY TAYLOR: Maybe in the Brady house.

– OK, that’s what I’m saying. But anyway, he does– I guess he got a place in Sag Harbor. I don’t know. He did join [INAUDIBLE].

SKIP BAYLESS: So I want to get this on record. You’re saying Tom Brady is a phony.

SHANNON SHARPE: I’m just say–

SKIP BAYLESS: Is that what you’re saying?

– All– I said what I said, Skip Bayless.

SKIP BAYLESS: I hope this gets back to Tom Brady today, because tonight he will go to bed thinking, I’m gonna show this son of a–

SHANNON SHARPE: Why– what he gonna show me, Skip? I ain’t bothering nobody!

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