Shannon Sharpe reacts to Raiders coach Jon Gruden cutting punter Marquette King over ‘personality’ issues

– Shannon, what’s going on with Gruden?

– Apparently Gruden didn’t like Marquette King’s attitude or personality. Seems to me, Jon Gruden is the only one that can have an attitude or a personality with that Chucky, those snarls that he plays up on the sideline. It’s hard for me to believe a man that Jon Gruden has never met and he’s being able to judge this man by what he sees on television.

Skip, that’s a punter. I get it. And he’s not a quarterback or a wide receiver or a defensive guy. But don’t you think Jon Gruden could have came– could have– could have gone to Marquette King and said, look, son, we need you to cut down some of these histrion– these all– this– these antics. I think he could have gone to ’em, and I think Marquette King would say, you know what? OK, Coach, no problem.

SKIP BAYLESS: He could have, yup.

– So– so let– I want to make sure I’m– I’m hearing this correctly. So Marquette King seems to be the problem, his personality. Now, the Raiders finished 26th in pass defense, they were 23rd in scoring offense, 29th in turnover margin, but the punter that had the third best net average in the NFL, he was the problem? That’s the issue, Marquette King?

I don’t like anything that the Raiders have done this offseason. First and foremost, you know what that is, Skip. Hiring that guy. Because I believe the time has passed them by.


– And to make $10 million on what? Because he was Y 2 banana or he– he can call some play and give it–

– Y 2 spider banana.


– Don’t leave out the spider.

– Spider’s the important part.

– How about this here? Call flow pass. That’s all it is is flow pass. You can put all that other stuff on it. It’s flow pass right, flow pass left.

SKIP BAYLESS: That is exactly true.

– And so I don’t get it, Skip. I don’t get– OK, you save a couple– a million dollars.


– A million– you are about to Ndamukong Suh come visit you, so that means you have interest in talking to him or you wanted him, but he’s like, at the last second, said, no, I’m good. But it’s just hard for me to believe that this man’s antics you couldn’t have talked to him and says, I don’t need these unsportsmanlike– these taunting penalties.


– Skip, the guy put– at least, every year, is putting 15, 20 punts inside the 20, making teams have to travel the long way in order to score points. And believe me, teams didn’t seem to have a problem scoring points against your defense. But that’s all OK, we’re good. He’ll look good– he won’t be able to get number 7 in the blue and orange, but he’ll get another number. He’s gonna go right up to Denver and hang ’em up there by 60 yards.

SKIP BAYLESS: You think so?

– Yeah.


– That’s what’s gonna happen.

– You gonna put in a call for him or–

– I let it be known. I tweeted it.

– Oh, you tweeted it.

– I did.

– Oh.

– Said, I hope the Broncos signed it.

– Nobody noticed, but it’s OK.

– They did notice. Oh. Oh, you got jokes– you got jokes this morning. OK.

– So, Jon Gruden is no joke, and I’m gonna tell you again, this is the guy I know, the Gruden I know. That guy on Monday Night Football, he turned on the charm.

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