Shannon Sharpe reacts to Case Keenum as John Elway’s top QB choice

– Shannon, do you believe Elway?

– Interesting.

– I believe John Elway got the guy they could afford.

– Oh.

– It’s kind of like I got– I got Ford money, but I’m at the Bentley or the Rolls Royce dealership. Why am I there, Skip? I can’t afford nothing on the lot. So let me just go ahead before they sell the car that I was looking at at the Ford dealership first. Let me go ahead and go back and get that one before they sell it and now I’m stuck.

He knew it was going to take somewhere between $28 and $30 million to sign Cousins. He also knew he was probably going to have to guarantee the first two to three years, at the bare minimum, of that contract. Because not only were the Broncos going to be interested, so were the Jets, who had way more money. So were the Vikings who had more money.

So no, Skip. For me, the one thing that we knew about these teams, they try to get as much information as you possibly can. So what are you trying to tell me? That you would rather have Case Keenum with a 14 game body of work? Or Kirk Cousins over a three year body of work? Now, I get it. Last year, Keenum was the second rated quarterback in the whole NFL. Cousins was 16th.

But in the prior two years, Cousins was second in sixth. Where was Keenum? Nowhere to be found. So Minnesota had the luxury. They got all their guys up on the– all their key guys under contract. They believe they’re one quarterback away from getting to the Super Bowl. I believe the Broncos are a quarterback away from getting to the playoffs. They have much more holes to fill.

– Yeah.

– With the $10 to $12 million that they saved on Case Keenum, now you could possibly go get a right tackle. Maybe you can get– hey, who knows? Maybe Ndamukong Suh might be in their future or something. But there are other issues. There are more holes to be filled. Skip, he would’ve bankrupt their franchise.

And I’m– I’m– I’m being facetious here. But you’re going to have to start cutting players to sign Keenum. And that defeats– I mean, Cousins. That would have defeated the purpose of you going out and getting– if you got to let DT walk, Demaryius Thomas, wide receiver. You got to let Emmanuel Sanders walk, what good is it doing you getting first Cousins?

That’s what happened. He wasn’t coming. That’s what happened to him in Washington. The let Pierre Garcon walk. They let DeSean Jackson walk. No. He wasn’t going through that again.

So and what was he supposed to say? Oh. Nah. Nah. That wasn’t the guy we wanted. We wanted Cousins. I mean, Kurt– Keenum is sitting right there. Oh, man. We didn’t want this dude. Right? This joker? Man, we wanted first Cousins. So he said everything he was supposed to say.

But I believe, Skip, if he had $90 million that he could say OK. I do believe Cousins would have been their quarterback instead of Case Keenum. But it’s good. Hey, sometimes you’re not the first option. That’s not always a bad thing.

– So you’re saying your old friend, John Elway, basically lied through his teeth. Right?

– He misspoke the truth.

– Oh. He misspoke the truth. Really?

– They’re two different things.

– And it was, as they say, like a white lie, like it was a good lie, or whatever. That’s what you’re saying?

– He’s– he got the guy that he wanted for the price that he wanted. But Skip, I mean, if– if he had 90– you mean to tell me, so let’s just say for the sake of argument, money is no issue. You mean to tell me he’s going to take Case Keenum over Kirk Cousins?

– I kept reading that John Elway had it set where he could spend up to $30 million on Kirk Cousins, if he had chosen to.

– Yeah. But what do you– but what are you going to have to do? Yeah. I can live in Malibu. But I’m gonna have to walk to work every day. I ain’t gonna have no lights. I ain’t gonna have no furniture. I’m just going to have an empty shell.

– You could afford Uber or something. I don’t know.

– Not if I live up in Malibu, I can’t.

– Yes, you could.

– But then I live a little closer here. See, now I got a nice little car. I get to keep the lights on, burn the fireplace, got a little pool. See?

– There’s some little places in Malibu that aren’t that expensive.

– Yeah. Real little, they called out-houses.

– But then it would you like–

– They’re portapotties.

– It’d be an hour to get to work every morning. Right? And you don’t want that.

– It definitely would be an hour and a half to get back home.

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