Shannon reacts to the ‘nothing burger’ that is Tom Brady’s reported injured hand

JOY TAYLOR: Shannon, is this a big deal or no big deal?

SHANNON SHARPE: This is a big fat nothing burger.


SHANNON SHARPE: With all the dressings and all the sides, Skip Bayless. You know it too. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

SKIP BAYLESS: Avocado? Ice cream on the side?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. A big fat nothing. That’s exactly what this s. This is another Baker Mayfield situation. You see what they’re doing here, Joy? Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: You just compared Tom Brady to Baker Mayfield?

SHANNON SHARPE: I said a Baker Mayfield situation. If he loses, oh, he was under the weather all week. You know, it was so tough for him. I couldn’t– Oh, I didn’t know how he was going to be able to come out here and play. And then when he wins, he banged his throwing hand on Wednesday.

SKIP BAYLESS: Did you hear Baker Mayfield at the Saturday press conference? He couldn’t even speak. He was croaking.

SHANNON SHARPE: Nah. This is what I heard. I heard Chris Fowler say that Jalen Hurts actually missed practice time because he was under the weather. We didn’t know that until the actual game. We knew about Baker Mayfield situation leading up to the game.

SKIP BAYLESS: He missed his media session.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah. OK. But anyway, as I was saying, Joy Taylor, it’s not your turn, Skip. I’m not asking you a question.

SKIP BAYLESS: You need to be corrected.


SKIP BAYLESS: When you step out of bounds.

SHANNON SHARPE: When it’s your turn, you can correct me. But when I’m speaking, I’m speaking correctly. But anyway you know what I’m starting to see here?

Apparently being 40 years old, playing some of your best football with the possibility of going to your eighth Super Bowl is not a good enough story anymore, Joy. Now we’ve got to add a little– See, Joy, I got you a birthday cake yesterday, but that wasn’t good enough.

I didn’t have enough yeast and flour to it, so now I got to get you a six layer. Oh, he banged his hand. It’s funny. They asked some of the players that were at practice, the very practice that Tom Brady was at.

I didn’t notice anything was wrong. Eric Rolle said, looked like the same old Tom out there to me.

SKIP BAYLESS: You really think they’re going to divulge what happened inside the ropes at practice?

SHANNON SHARPE: Exactly. That’s my point exactly. Thanks for saying that. You actually think that they would have divulged if something had happened to Tom Brady? Cause normally, Coach Belichick, when a guy has a lower leg injury, they say leg. When they say it’s something upper body.

Now we’re going to get specifics out of the New England Patriots, a team that the very rule was instituted for, because they weren’t telling anybody anything. They weren’t listing injuries. Cause you remember there was a time that Coach Belichick put everyone on the injury report about three or four weeks because he was upset because the NFL had fined him. So that was his way of getting back. I’ll put everybody on here.

Now we want them to believe a team that doesn’t let out anything, unless they want you to know, all of a sudden, and not only that, they said specifically, throwing hand. [INAUDIBLE] Joy? They could have just said hand.

They said throwing hand. Man, they need to stop and you bought it. Skip Bayless, you’ll buy anything. Anything they’re selling, anything that they’ll sell him.

SKIP BAYLESS: Wait, wait. Tell me when you’re finished. Tell me when.

SHANNON SHARPE: I’m not finished

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