Shannon on Kevin Durant tweets: ‘Why must you continuously bring OKC into this mess?’

JOY TAYLOR: Shannon, do you like that Durant admitted this?

SHANNON SHARPE: Hell no. I’d a took that one to my grave, Joy. I’m never telling that. And he needs to eat, Skip. I mean, you know Kevin Durant. I mean, that dude’s so skinny, he can look through a keyhole with both eyes.

SKIP BAYLESS: But you know what? That’s the strongest skinniest dude you’ll ever see.

SHANNON SHARPE: Skip, I hope Kevin can let this go. Kevin, you won. Kevin, you were right. Why is it, why does it hurt him so much? Does he want? You know what, I’m gonna do it for you. I’m gonna do what Sam Presti did, what’s the owner? Clay? What’s the owner of the OKC Thunder?

SKIP BAYLESS: Oh, Clay Bennett?

SHANNON SHARPE: Clay Bennett. I’m gonna do, I’m Sam Presti today, I’m Clay Bennett. KD, we were wrong. We should have held you in higher regards. We should have put you as one and Russell should have been one A. We were wrong, Kevin. We apologize. Can you accept our apology?

Skip, why does it? You’re the finals MVP. You averaged 30 every game. You prove the decision that you made was right. Why must you continuously bring OKC back into this mess? You left. Why you left? We knew the reason why you were telling wasn’t on the up and up.

But why? And then he going to talk about, well you know, Billy, why would you bring Billy Donovan into this? Skip, this is, and he said his tweet was childish. Because Kevin’s childish. You see, Skip, when you think there are no repercussions for your actions, you will be as honest as you possibly can.

3Play Media 09/20/17, 11:45am

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