Saquon Barkley reveals how he feels about playing for the New York Giants or the Cleveland Browns

SKIP BAYLESS: –and 0 at that combine. You run the second-best 40 at 4.4. You’re number one in the vertical jump among running backs. And your 29 bench press reps tied for first with Nick Chubb, right? Were you happy with those numbers? Could you have exceeded those numbers?

SAQUON BARKLEY: Yes. My coach, Coach Fryman has been quoted saying that was a very average performance for me, and I totally agree with him. We were talking about before I’m usually a 30 or 35 guy.

SKIP BAYLESS: In the bench press.

SAQUON BARKLEY: In the bench press. Had to take a little time off.

SKIP BAYLESS: Because you banged up your shoulder in the last game?

SAQUON BARKLEY: Last game of the year, yes. So I had to take a little time off. So I’m usually at anywhere from a 30 or 35.

SKIP BAYLESS: And the record for running backs is–


SKIP BAYLESS: Jerry McKinnon?

SAQUON BARKLEY: Yeah, Jerry McKinnon, 32. So I was going for that, but to be able to take a little time off and come back and get 29, I can’t complain with that. But I really want at 32. My 40 I popped up twice. I started awful. I’m truly a 4-3, 4-2 guy. The fastest I’ve been clocked laser trainer it was a 429.

So I had really bad starts. The first one was a bad start. The second one I stumbled. In the vert, I got 42 before, but I’ve been anywhere from 40 to 42, so that’s probably the only part that I’m really OK with, I guess you would say.

SKIP BAYLESS: If you were timed 42, the Browns would be having a hard time right now thinking about you or Sam Darnold, or whichever quarterback they’re going to have.

SHANNON SHARPE: Did you go to one of these academies and train, or did you train at Penn State?

SAQUON BARKLEY: No, I trained at Tom Shaw.


SAQUON BARKLEY: I trained at Tom Shaw, but–

SHANNON SHARPE: Dion went down there.

SAQUON BARKLEY: Yeah. And you just look at Tom Shaw and the numbers that he put out with the players. I think he has seven coming into the comma last year. Seven of the top 10 fastest forwards of all time. What I love about Tom Shaw and his facility, it’s not just training to be a combine athlete. They bring guys like Ike Taylor and sit down and talk football. Getting you ready to be a pro and how you can handle your body. And take that mindset of the vet. The things I get a lot of advice is how to take care of your body, and I hear they didn’t get it till the fourth or fifth year. And I try to get that right now. I try to meet make that my rookie year and come in with that right approach.

SKIP BAYLESS: So gut feeling, whatever you hear, your reconnaissance so far. Do you figure Cleveland will take Sam Darnold? Is that what you’re hearing or guessing?

SAQUON BARKLEY: To be completely honest, I have no clue. No clue what’s going on. Obviously my team has been talking to a lot of teams and got some visits set up here and there. But I have no clue. I’m just taking it day by day. I wish the draft could be a little quicker. But the mindset I’m just having right now is continuing to work. Because you dream to go to the draft, but that’s not your dream. You dream to be elite in the NFL. I want to be one of the best.

SKIP BAYLESS: So a lot of people had you penciled in second to the Giants and then they trade JPP. If you follow this, now it would look more like they would want to take a defensive end, Chubb. And that would push you down maybe to where you and Sam Darnold both wind up with the Browns. Would you be happy with that?

SAQUON BARKLEY: Yeah, I’ll be happy whatever team drafts me. The way I view is you’re fortunate enough to be in this position. A lot of people would love to be in position. And who am I to say I don’t want to go to this team? Or, I don’t to play for that team. Or, I don’t want this team to draft me. That’s, I don’t know, that’s idiotic to me. But whatever team drafts me, I’m truly going to be honored. It’s truly going to be a blessing. And I’m come down with my head humbled and just come to work.

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