Sam Dekker reveals what’s driven Cavs’ preseason success vs. Celtics

– Sam, two games, you guys have not trailed so far in the preseason. But what’s been the key to success?

– I think just getting off to a quick start, and getting into our rhythm and our pace. And we’ve been able to do that early on in these first two games, and we have a lot to work on, but that shows some good signs for what’s to come. Hopefully we can build on that, and continue to have that pace, have that rhythm, have that camaraderie that we’ve had, and that trust will only get better.

REPORTER: They’re getting an opportunity here. You started tonight with Houston with the Clippers. Maybe it wasn’t the right fit at the right time. Why could this be the right fit at the right time for you?

– Well they’re just letting me be myself, which feels really good. In Houston I was able to show glimpses and signs of it, but trades happen, and LA wasn’t necessarily the best fit at the time, and Cleveland has embraced me, and embraced my game. It’s been amazing. Fans have been awesome, teammates have been great, and I just feel very comfortable. So I’m just trying to go out there and compete, and play my game, and show there’s way more to my game than a lot of people know, and feeling good about myself right now.

REPORTER: Well we saw that when everybody was screaming, whoa, when Jayson Tatum was trying to catch you, and you were going that way, and he was going that way. What happened on that one?

– I just got into a good rhythm dribble, heading in and out of cross, and was able to get to the rim for a bucket, he happened to fall. And I like putting the ball on the floor, I like using my ball handling. I’m a big guy, but I can put on the floor. I’ve got a guard skill set. So if I can do that, good things can sometimes happen.

REPORTER: They did tonight, Sam. Congratulations, welcome to Cleveland.

– Appreciate it. Good to be here.

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