Rodney McGruder discusses Heat’s 1st preseason win, on-court mentality

REPORTER: And now I got McGruder here with me, which is awesome. You know, the other day, we were talking about after practice your mentality either way as starter or reserve, and how there’s a slight change in it. But your approach is get out here and get to work.

– That’s all you can do. You know what I mean? Expect the expected when you’re out there. You know, just do what you can do to help your team. And that’s what I try to do.

– Well, you did it in a variety of ways. Coach talks about a variety of ways to win. You came out, threw it down, dribbled with a little floater, the three ball. We’re seeing more work in your entire game, rolling out in the game tonight.

– Right, right, right. You know, just– I would just say a testament to our coaching staff and their development of us. And it’s helping us get better, you know, each and every day. So that’s what that’s a testament to.

– Be honest with me. I know it’s a preseason, and these games don’t count. But it’s nice to hear the chants and get a win here in the house, isn’t it?

– It is, man, to come home. You know, we’ve been fighting for a win in this preseason, and you know, to come home and finally get a win, it did feel good.

– Rodney, always a pleasure. Congratulations.

– Pleasure’s all mine, Jacks.

– Thank you, partner. I appreciate it.

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