Rob Riggle talks Tom Brady and has a surprisingly emotional response to Blake Bortles’ success

– You’re a huge football fan. You’ve been involved with Fox for a long time, and the big show on Sunday. Where were you and what was your reaction to the Minneapolis miracle?

– I was in my hotel room, and I was really bummed out that I was alone. Because I was screaming and yelling, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I wanted someone there to acknowledge what had just happened, and so–

JENNA WOLFE: So you ordered room service. Right?

– Yeah.


Got the waiter.

JENNA WOLFE: Hey, come here! Come in, guys!

– Yeah. Get in here, man. But I did. I wanted to acknowledge it, so I did what everybody in this world does. I tweeted out, oh my god, Vikings– I think is what I tweeted. And that was it.

And then I called my son. He’s back home. So I called him, and I was like, did you see, did you see? And he didn’t. So I felt bad, because he was like, no, I was shooting hoops. What happened?

– End of that story dropped off a little bit.

– Yeah, yeah.

– You mentioned the emotional high– so the one thing that’s really interesting about this game– so CC was able– he was at the game and was able to be in the locker room right after.

– Oh, wow.

– And CC’s described that while in the locker room, right– celebration amidst. Once Mike Zimmer acknowledges the team, acknowledges the moment, he started going down the schedule for Monday.

Like, listen, practice squad guys you show up at 7:30. These guys you show up at 8:00. Just to try to refocus effort.

– Yeah definitely, refocus, level set. Everyone, do you guys realize we just witnessed a miracle? That’s what he said. They said the Lord’s Prayer. Practice squad squares 8:00, weightlifting 8:30, team meeting at 9:00.

– Good.

– So the chance of recovering–

– Yeah, I think that’s the absolute right thing to do. I think that’s the smartest thing you could do. You come off an emotional high like that it is so hard to reset and regroup and refocus. And I think that’s right.

You have to acknowledge it. You can’t blow it off. And celebrate it. Acknowledge it. But then, ooh, you’ve got to get your head screwed back on.

– On the other side of the bracket, there’s one team I think everyone expected to be there in the Pats. Then another team not a lot of people expect to be there in the Jags. I think everyone was looking forward to Pats, Steelers two.

The Jags threw that off. In a style that I don’t think anyone saw coming, and winning the game 45-42. A lot of ways the Jags could win that game. Allowing the Steelers–

– The over-under was 42.

– Right. Both teams hit the over by themselves, essentially.

– Each.

– Right. So in– What up, CC?

– He’s not the person to remind what the over was. OK? I’m just going to tell you.


– I’m not yet over. No pun intended.

– One of Kansas City’s finest.

– Yeah, the fact like that– the under in a game where both teams individually hit the over. Wasn’t my finest gambling moment in a year of bad gambling moments. That’s neither here nor there, CC.


– But now we have what is a really interesting matchup. Because you have the best defense in football against the best team of the last, what, 20 years. The dynasty in the NFL.

People are going to focus on the Brady and Bortles part of it. I’m really excited. We’ve talked about– see the Pats offensive match up with the Jags defense. Curious your thoughts on it.

– Um. I don’t know. Really this one to me it– by all accounts, put it on paper.

Take it to a bar discussion. Take it anywhere around. Everybody is going to say, Pats. Pats, Pats, Pats, Pats, Pats, Pats, Pats.

Because they are this juggernaut of football power. Let’s face it. They are there.

If they get into this that’s– Brady’s going to play in his eight Super Bowl? That’s crazy. That’s just insanity.

So yeah, you do have to acknowledge the dynasty and the powerhouse that the Pats have been. But the Jaguars didn’t just walk into this. They didn’t just accidentally show up to the AFC championship. They’re there for a reason.

And look, as a football fan who doesn’t have a dog in that fight, I just want a good game. And I think we’re to get one. I think we’re going to get one.

JENNA WOLFE: I know you didn’t to want to talk about the quarterbacks. I do. The law firm obviously of Keenum, Bortles, and Foles. They were zygotes basically when Tom Brady started playing football.

We’ve been talking this whole season– how long this guy has and what he could do? And is this it? Or can he, like he wants to play, play for another 45 years? What do you think about Tom Brady’s longevity in this?

– He apparently can do whatever he wants.

JENNA WOLFE: Easily, right?

– Yeah, every time I start to– because I was at the Super Bowl last year, and I saw that miracle happened. Right? And I was like, if he doesn’t walk out at 40, on top with the greatest game ever played, I think that would be silly.

JENNA WOLFE: Yeah, and then–


– But then he came back. And I was like, OK. And then I said, I think that was a mistake because clearly– they probably won’t even make the playoffs.

Well now he’s playing the AFC Championship game, and he’s got a pretty good shot at making the Super Bowl again. So what do I know? I clearly know nothing, and he can do whatever he wants.

– Rob, Blake Bortles– you tell a bunch of jokes. Blake Bortles is the punchline of a lot of jokes in the National Football. Is this the game that he removes that title as the punch line of the NFL?

– It could be. Yeah, I mean if he shows up and does everything he’s supposed to.

CRIS CARTER: You’re crying about it.

– I am. It’s making me emotional.


This could be Bortles’ big moment.

JENNA WOLFE: Right. This is it!

CRIS CARTER: That’s my quarterback!

– I’ve waited so long!

– Is Rob still emotional, like I am, that somehow the Kansas City Chiefs–


– These are Chiefs tears.


– They haven’t stopped. They haven’t stopped.

CRIS CARTER: Ah, we’ve been suffering with this guy. You too?

– So people don’t know. Rob’s from the same place I am. He’s from Kansas City.

– That’s right.

– You grew up on the Canada side of the state. I grew up on the Missouri side of the state. But regardless– did you buy– did you believe in them this– because I got pulled– I got fooled again.

– Well those first five games, I was pretty hard to live with and be around. Then of course I was brought back to Earth. And then we got hot again. And I thought this is great!

We’re peaking at the right time. Bu-du-hu-huh! You know? Here we go! And then–

– In that first half of the playoff game it felt like that.

– I don’t know what is. Arrowhead is such an advantage, but we haven’t won a playoff game at Arrowhead since Montana was our quarterback.

– Yeah, I know.

– He knows.

– Yeah.

– He’s really upset about it. No, so I just–

– They’re killing me, man. They’re killing me.

– Yeah, that’s the real devastation of it all. Because you felt like they– felt like the AFC– there was some weak points this year.

– Well I– look I always– that’s part of being a fan. That’s fandom. I am always for the Chiefs.

I’m always on board with the Chiefs. Their fate is my fate. I have to live with it. But yeah, they’re killing me.

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