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Resting Players Becoming A Big Concern in the NBA

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Being a pioneer in resting players, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich sees issues if owners intervene in managing the bench. (Photo :

The NBA is taking a serious look at how teams have been resting their players throughout the regular season. This year, the issue has gradually become a blown predicament as league commissioner Adam Silver has personally voiced out his perception about the approach. Considering that this concern has stemmed out from complaints among basketball fans who watch the games, the brewing problem is not exactly without basis.

The troubling concern has intensified this month as the league-leading Golden State Warriors rested Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. The Cleveland Cavaliers have followed suit as LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love stayed on the sidelines.

Just recently, Adam Silver has called on NBA team owners to take a more active role in monitoring their organization’s decision to keep players off. This means that having the names and the schedules under tab must be done. While the NBA is always looking at what’s best for the league, such interference may suggest otherwise.

According to Popovich, the move can disrupt trust issues within the organization. Although he understands how fans and enthusiasts feel about missing out star performances on the floor, it will be disastrous if resting players become a joint decision among team executives.

It is a given that the NBA will be very much concerned about how their supporters view the league’s activities. However, the attributes on how an organization operates can have negative repercussions when it comes to players.

Popovich shares that due to contrasting roles, the organization will find it difficult to make a compromise. From his standpoint as a coach, resting players is all about keeping them in optimum shape. Such move allows the personnel covered to be appreciative of the decision since it relates well to their healthy well-being.

It is highly likely that owners provide different perspectives. Other than entertainment, the NBA is also a business operation. Running an organization is about earning profits and no owner will act on something that will jeopardize the fans’ patronage which propels the bulk of the revenues.

However, with five championships under his belt, Gregg Popovich may have a strong point to consider. It says a lot about ownership trust in what he does for the team. Still, the league needs to settle this issue if only to keep all fans happy and satisfied.

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