Reggie Bush weighs in on rumors that Rob Gronkowski wants out of New England

– I’m not buying this, that– and I am buying Greg Bedard, the reporter here. He’s one of the best NFL reporters in the country. He’s got great connections with the Patriots organization that go all the way up to Belichick and Robert Kraft. But I think the story here is Rob Gronkowski wants out of New England, and they’re floating this out there. Because if Garoppolo– if Gronkowski wanted out of New England, and that was well known, his trade value goes down.

If Bill Belichick is pushing out the narrative, I’m thinking about moving on from Rob Gronkowski, that keeps his trade value high. I think Gronkowski, like Nate Solder and everybody else, Malcolm Butler, Dion Lewis. Everybody else is getting the last helicopters out of Saigon, because they’re tired of Bill Belichick. They’re tired of Bill Belichick.

And again, they’re tired because what he did in that Super Bowl made no sense to anyone. And so Gronk wants out, and Belichich is looking to trade. And if he ends up in San Francisco, like some of the rumors, Lord help Jimmy Garoppolo, that would be amazing.

– Listen, the grass ain’t always greener on the other side. And like I say in this case–

ANALYST: I can tell you that.

– Him leaving town, or him leaving Boston, leaving the Patriots, it’s not green on the side. Because any other quarterback he plays with is going to be a drop off, right? And listen, once the– when you golf, what’s that good grass? Like the Bermuda grass? Bermuda grass? The Patriots is Bermuda grass, and everywhere else is the rough over there. So I just– I don’t think that he should even think about leaving.

He should be focused on how he is going to get back to next season, finish his career in New England with Tom Brady’s, as long as Tom Brady is there. And I truly believe Gronk has maybe, what? Two or three years max, because he takes such a beating every year.

And they not they’re not little injuries. They’re concussions, torn ligaments in the knees, elbows, all kinds of things. His back.

– Well I think one thing is, as you said, he has a back problem. And I think– and I like Gronkowski. But I think his better years are behind him. You know, when you have a back problem– I have a back problem, and it’s nothing to mess around with. Because you don’t know when it’s going to flare up again.

ANALYST: You’re– you’re 50, some odd years.

– Nobody asked you how old I was. Don’t say– I’m 29. He’s joking.


Anyway. He still got back, he still got back. He’s had back surgery. I’ve never had back surgery. Let me tell you something. OJ said this to me. OJ Simpson said this to me, on a flight. One of the last times I saw him was on a flight. He said– he said Eric, he said “how old are you?” I was 33, I was retiring.

He said, “you remember this. When you get around 50 years old, all those hits, all those hits going to come back to you.” And all those hits are going to come back, and they really are. I mean, look he’s talking about acting. Well where do you want to act, then? LA? I mean, the place for him to come.

I mean, and I agree with you. I agree with both of you. I think that one thing is he’s probably like man, everybody else getting out of here. You know, maybe– maybe I should get out of here. I mean, he wrestled to the WWE.

He wrestles. He’s becoming Hollywood. I don’t– I don’t think New England is big enough for him anymore. And eventually, Tom Brady is going to leave, too.

– Well, he’s going to retire because off–

– He’s going to retire.

– But listen, again, I want to go back to this is about if they had won the Super Bowl, I don’t think Rob Gronkowski would be talking this. Because again, winning the Super Bowl was always the payoff for dealing with Bill Belichick and his bullying coaching style.

ANALYST: Well they got to the Super Bowl.

– I get it. But the way they lost, with that selfish, arrogant decision by Bill Belichick, it has pissed off a lot of players, and they’re getting out of town. And Rob Gronkowski wants out, far more in my opinion, than Bill Belichick wants to trade him.

– But he’s always– Belichick has always been this guy. When you winning, it changes everything. You know that. Everything is– everybody is happy and everything. You know, I feel like that for him, it may be time to move on. It may be time for him to go someplace else. What better place?

ANALYST: Where is he going to go? San Francisco. To play with Garappolo.

– I think he goes to the West Coast.

– I guarantee you.

– Going to come to the West Coast.

– I mean, the Rams came up. Now look, we just drafted– we done drafted three tight ends in three years. The last one was [INAUDIBLE]. We don’t need another tight end, I don’t think. I mean, that’s my opinion. But I mean, I think that eventually I think the West Coast is where he really wants to be, not in New England.

– What guarantees that Garappolo is going, next year, to play the same way he did? We’ve seen this man play seven games.

ANALYST: When has he not?

– We’ve seen him play seven games.

ANALYST: Oh, you’re talking about Garoppolo.

– When was guarantee that if Gronk goes to San Fran, and it’s going to be all–

– Well just understand this. Gronkowski knows Garoppolo a lot more than you do. He got to see him in practice. He got to see him in games. If he wants to go to San Francisco, it’s because he believes firmly Garoppolo is as good right now, if not better, than Tom Brady.

– Well he was on second team when Garoppolo was second. So he didn’t see him that much in practice. He didn’t see him that much in practice.

REGGIE BUSH: However, though, they didn’t– there’s no guarantee that they will get to that next level, the playoffs.

– There’s no guarantee anywhere. I’m telling you–

– In New England, it’s guaranteed.

– There are no–

– It’s guaranteed going to win the division.

– Not anymore.

– I don’t think New England is guaranteed. You know what? The only guarantee New England really has is that we–

ANALYST: They’re going to win the division.

– That weak division they play in. They don’t play nobody.

– You know you guarantee.

– You going to win at least eight games in that division.

– I’m sorry, I’ve got to move. Not guaranteed.

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