Ray Lewis explains why Lamar Jackson would be a great draft pick for the New England Patriots

RAY LEWIS: Coward. You think Lamar Jackson would be a good fit in New England?

– He’s not Deshaun Watson. Can we stop with that? Deshaun was throwing for 400 yards against Saban. And Saban had six weeks to prepare. Deshaun Watson is great.

I don’t know if he’s a good fit anywhere. I think he’s Tebow. There’s something. He can win games. He’s different.


– I think he’s Tebow.

RAY LEWIS: Colin, no way.

– I don’t think he can make the throws on third and long, in this league.


– He is a small athlete who runs around a lot.

– Colin, that’s– that’s a complete football player, at the quarterback position, at every level. There’s– there’s no weakness he has, from the quarterback position.

– Third and long.

RAY LEWIS: Well, look. Michael Vick– they said Michael Vick had the same problem. No, because he’s so athletic, sometimes we have to– what his gift is, his gift is making plays out in the pocket, like Russell Wilson, right? It’s a magic man thing, that they know in the front seven, nobody is going to be able to deal with them.

I’m just telling you. I’ve watched this boy since he was a freshman. I studied this boy. And, if you watch him close enough, his instincts– the New England Patriots, if they are really looking at him, that’s a heck of a pickup for the New England Patriots, after Tom Brady’s legacy.

– I do think, Colin, he is the perfect fit for the Patriots, for this reason. Again, the whole mystery man feel, and not talking with everybody. I think Bill Belichick will embrace that. This is a kid that will be all-in on football, and not trying to overexpose himself.

I think that Bill Belichick, and the combination of Belichick and Brady– there’s so much respect there, again, from the Lamar Jackson, that, if they came to him and said, look, Tom’s going to be here another year or two. Here’s what we need you to do during this year or two, while you’re learning under Tom. We want to use you in some different spots. I think he would be open to that, coming from Belichick and Brady, because they’ve seemed to have shown him some warmth and affinity. And, so, yeah, I think New England and Belichick is the one spot where you could get him on the field early and train him as a quarterback.

– How about this one, Colin. You said Josh Mc– you said, Tim Tebow, right? Who drafted Tim Tebow?

– Josh McDaniels.

– Josh McDaniels in Denver. Josh McDaniels is the heir apparent to Bill Belichick. If Josh McDaniels can get them to draft Lamar Jackson and, in two or three years, when Brady’s gone, you don’t think Josh McDaniels and Lamar Jackson would be a perfect fit in New England?

– Let me– let me throw something at you. Just came up, top of my head. Haven’t thought it out a ton. Of all the quarterbacks coming out of college, Darnald, Rosen, Allen, Lamar, Mason Rudolph, all of them– who do the players like most?

– Lamar Jackson

– Lamar Jackson.

– OK. Who is Belichick, as an aging coach, currently struggling with?

– The current players.

– I’m interested in Lamar Jackson. And players think, Bill– street cred. Am I nuts? Am I nuts?


– I’m going to tell him why he’s not nuts.

– Am I crazy?

– Ray–

RAY LEWIS: You gotta stop this.

– Ray, he’s not wrong. He’s not– I’m going to tell you why.

– Listen to Whitlaw.

– No, no, I’m going to tell you why. Did Robert Kraft just not go visit–

– Thank you!


RAY LEWIS: I get that.

– They are trying to get some street–

– Absolutely.

– They’re the Trump team–

RAY LEWIS: Wait a minute, they are trying to get street–

– No, they’re the Trump team. And the players are not a fan of Trump.

– And the Malcolm Butler decision was so full repulsive to most players that they do have to rebuild that narrative.

– No, the players– guys like you– players, guys in the league, they love Lamar Jackson.

RAY LEWIS: Absolutely.

– OK. Belichick leaks a story. We like Lamar Jackson. And, if he doesn’t get him– hey, man, we tried. Somebody got him before us.

– Hold on. The Patriots were 31st in the NFL in defense. Tom Brady just lost the Super Bowl. You want to win another Super Bowl, you can take Lamar Jackson in the first round, when you’re on the cusp of a Super Bowl? You think that’s going to make Tom Brady happy?

– It’s at the end of the first round.

– Yeah, they got four picks.

– And, then, they got extra picks.

– Yeah, I’d take one of my four picks.

RAY LEWIS: This is a very smart pick for them.

– Street cred. It’s crazy.

– Listen, here’s the thing. You may be right, OK. I’ve got to be honest with you. You may be right, because here’s what I worry about.

I saw Terrelle Pryor run around. It didn’t quite work. Brad Smith, Tebow didn’t.

But– but there have been run around guys. Vick did work at more than one place. I just don’t know. Like, I– this is one of these things, I got to see this.

RAY LEWIS: So what’s the difference, of him and Mariota?

– I thought Mariota was a better– had a– played, generally, generally tougher opponents, bigger games, and was great in those big games. Lamar has struggled in big games against really elite NFL prospects on defense. Mariota was better in big games.


– OK, I think Mariota’s [INAUDIBLE].

– Here’s what I think the Patriots are saying, though. And I agree with you, in this sense. I think Bill Belichick and Brady are saying, he’s really talented.


– Let’s get him in here and we’ll figure it out.

RAY LEWIS: Imagine him sitting up on the Brady for a year or two.

– By the way, is it OK, sometimes to just say, with these prospects, I got to kind of see it.

– Yeah.

– I didn’t rule out Tebow. I got to kind of see it.

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