Randy Carlyle on the Ducks’ 3-0-0 start

REPORTER: Randy, congratulations on the win in the shootout. Obviously, 6 rookies in the lineup tonight and they came through for you. Obviously, you showed the trust in them in overtime and the shootout. What can you say about their performance overall as a group?

– Well, again, this is baptismal by fire for young players. And we’ve got our ample share of them in our lineup, but so is everybody– you know, these are situations that, hopefully, they can grow, and they can get more confidence and continue to make a complement to our hockey club and, you know, hats off to them. And we put them in situations that they, historically, would play in at lower levels, but, you know, this is the NHL, it’s the best league in the world, and, you know, they were in there and they survived. So, hopefully, they feel good about themselves.

REPORTER: What can you say, specifically, about Troy Terry– calling his number in the shootout and him being able to get the puck in the net on that one?

– Well, he’s made it pretty easy because his history– he’s been able to score in shootouts previously and in some pretty intense situations. So he’s got a pedigree that he’s not overwhelmed when he goes into those situations. So it was a natural, he was second on our list.

REPORTER: John Gibson, of course, another stellar night in net. What can you say about what he’s done for you guys through the first three games?

– Well, again, he’s been our MVP for the three games. You cannot and you don’t– do not have a starting point in the NHL if you don’t have goaltending. And he’s given us A-class goaltending here for the first three games, that’s for sure.

REPORTER: Thank you.

– You’re welcome.

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