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Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks Downcast Over NFL’s Leaping Veto

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Leaping Tactic Banned

The Seattle Seahawks may have to find another defensive option as its brilliant counterattack has been vetoed by the NFL. (Photo :

Following its loss to the New England Patriots in this year’s Super Bowl, the Seattle Seahawks have found another reason to sulk. Just recently, the National Football League (NFL) has introduced several ruling changes on the field. Among these include an approach which Pete Carroll’s boys have considered to be a vital part of their arsenal through the years.

During discussions over changes for next season’s directives, the NFL has decided to ban players from jumping onto the line of scrimmage in order to repel scoring opportunities from opposing squads. Although all 32 teams including Seattle have approved the implementation, Carroll shares that it is disconcerting to know that the league has failed to show videos that support the alleged perils of the Seahawks game approach.

Seattle’s head coach has also reiterated that what the NFL has unveiled are only the negative aspects of such move. The affirmative side should have also been tackled judging from the fact that with distinct agility and better body control, the play remains executable and safe under given circumstances.

Seattle may have a strong argument here. Over the years, the Seahawks are among a handful of clubs that have been able to successfully employ the leaping action on numerous occasions. Kam Chancellor has instituted the tactic a number of times against the Carolina Panthers in 2015. Bobby Wagner has also employed it against the Arizona Cardinals last year.

Considering that the NFL has shown footages of players in disarray with their bodies falling on each other, the vote to ban the leaping act is certain to be immediate which is eventually what transpired. Within this context, the ‘No Fun League’ slogan has been drummed up once again as Chancellor poured his thoughts on Twitter.

However, the NFL has stood behind its stance. Rich McKay, the competition committee chairman, has pointed out that player safety is what the ban is all about. How the play has revolutionized over the years does not support the best interest of the league when player safety is concerned.

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