Paul George Highlight Reel | Atlanta Hawks at OKC Thunder

ANNOUNCER 1: His sophomore season, so we wish him well in getting back out there on the floor

ANNOUNCER 2: Shooter finds the open man, exactly who he wanted, and Paul George knocks down the three.

ANNOUNCER 1: That time, he played defense for 24 seconds.

ANNOUNCER 2: Backdoor [INAUDIBLE]– Dorsey got caught in the air. Abrines steps into the passing lane two on one. George, why not?

ANNOUNCER 1: The million dollar move with a nickel finish though.

ANNOUNCER 2: That seemed out of bounds, but right to Adams.

ANNOUNCER 1: Great hustle, and look what it leads to.

ANNOUNCER 2: Not going to miss that. Paul George doing everything in the third quarter. He’s got 14 points. It’s all Thunder tonight.

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