Nick Wright thinks the last 5 quarters have told us quite a bit about Nick Foles

NICK WRIGHT: And this is the second straight game where he was throwing balls, he could get somebody hurt. You’ve talked about the back up quarterback coming in against Oakland. He was hanging his receivers out to dry. He didn’t have many opportunities to yesterday because he didn’t play that long. But again, like when you’re watching these, it was an awful performance. And I know some people were bullish about Nick Foles as one of the better backup quarterbacks because he had that amazing year in Philadelphia.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah but Nick, what’s one of my rules?

NICK WRIGHT: No, Absolutely. Once you have new information, your opinion can change. And the information we have over the last five quarters is Nick Foles stinks. Is that, you went from the leading candidate league MVP. A guy who, I believe, will still get MVP votes. He might have got some more votes yesterday when they saw what the Eagles offense looked like without him.

You go from him to a middling backup quarterback, you can’t then win the Super Bowl. Right now, I said on Twitter yesterday, whomever the Eagles play in round– the Eagles are going to be the first ever, number one overall seed to be a significant underdog in their first playoff game. They’re going to be at home, coming off against a team that– either the Falcons, or the Panthers, or the Saints, who’s just played a tough playoff game. And they will be underdogs, because we have seen what Nick Foles looks like.

On Friday we were talking about, should they get Nate Sudfeld reps. And I made the analogy, I was like, you’re on a cruise ship, you have a life raft, that’s Nick Foles. Your life raft doesn’t have a life raft, that would be Sudfeld. Well turns out, the life raft’s life raft might be better. Like Sudfeld, yesterday, actually looked OK.

A member of the show– who doesn’t get named anymore on the air because he’s on probation– however, he’s a big Eagles fan. He puts on my notes, Nate Sudfeld. Eagles fans are looking for any reason to abandon ship, pardon the pun, with Nick Foles and I get it.

And if you’re an Eagles fan, this stinks. Because Wentz was playing so well, and everything about the team looks worse right now. The running game looks worse. The defense has been good the last two weeks, I should say that. But everything about the offense I should say.

CRIS CARTER: It the reverse effect of Jimmy G joining the San Francisco. And the hot dog’s getting better, and everything in San Francisco. When Nick Foles takes over– like, my hamstring is sore because yesterday I jumped off the bandwagon. Strained– I think it’s like a third degree strain of my hamstring. I’ve got to get off. I don’t care what Dusty says. I’m out Dusty.

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