Nick Wright: The Saints have the luxury of an all-time great backup plan

– It was a remarkable performance by a remarkable player in Drew Brees. If going into that game you had told me the Saints were going to run the ball 22 times for 41 yards. That Kamara and Ingram were going to combine for 68 yards from scrimmage, 68 on 21 touches. That Cam was going to play a brilliant football game.

Again, better than his 105 passer rating in 349 yards really even dictate, given the circumstances. And that Carolina was going to win the turnover battle, I wouldn’t have thought there was any way the Panthers could lose that game. But they did, because this year the Saints have a luxury no team to me in modern memory has, which is our backup plan is one of the 10 greatest quarterbacks ever.

Think about that. Their backup plan going into games is if we can’t get Ingram going, and we can’t get Kamara going, we are going to go to our first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback. And that’s why the Saints were able to hang on this game. That’s why I didn’t think their defense was particularly great except for they made a three key third down stops in the red zone.

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