Nick Wright reveals why Nick Saban is one of the ‘single greatest coaches in all of sports history’

– He starts being the discussion for of all coaches in all sports, as CC mentioned. Like where is he in the college football hierarchy? Well, he’s now tied Bear Bryant. He’s done it in fewer years. He’s won titles at multiple schools.

His team seemingly never batty and success at Michigan State. They won– they then win the title at LSU. He goes Alabama. Has a decade of dominance unlike anything I’ve ever seen in college football. So if he’s not number one in college football, he’s one a.

Maybe it’s regency bias by me. Maybe it’s the fact that I never saw a Bear Bryant do it, but I think he’s probably the greatest college football coach ever. So then you start talking about Bill Belichick, Red Auerbach, Coach K, John Wood. Nick Saban is in that room, like there’s no argument against it.

There’s– now, you don’t have to love his style of coaching. You don’t have to love the Alabama’s dominance in college football. You don’t have to love any of the parts about it, but you’ve got to respect it. And there is, I don’t see a piece of the resume that is a yeah, but. I don’t see there is– CC didn’t tell me that there’s no big, like, scandal that Nick Saban, you know, is overcoming.

There’s no– there’s no, oh, yeah, but he failed at this place. He couldn’t do it there, like I don’t even find the little– like with Belichick, if you wanted to, I don’t think it’s fair, but if you wanted to, you could be like, well, how good was he before Brady? Like how good was he in Cleveland? Like, that doesn’t even exist with Nick Saban. So no, I mean, what does it do for his legacy? It cements him for college football as one of the single greatest coaches in sports history.

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