Nick Wright responds to the report that the Cavs tried to deal Kyrie Irving before he requested a trade

– It changes my perception on whether or not, like, people actually read news stories. Because the idea that Kyrie was being shopped was out there for a long time.

– Yes.

– I mean this– that to me wasn’t the news in this story. But it’s what everyone’s talking today. The news in this story, to me, was an exchange, confirmed by Ty Lue and Kyrie Irving, at practice during last year.

– Of a style for which they were trying to play in Cleveland.

– I’m going to read this exchange, it was confirmed by all parties. Tyronn Lue said, “Ky, I want you to play a little faster.” Irving asked, “Why?” Tyronn Lue said, “Because if we play faster, we get shots off easier.” Kyrie replied, “I don’t need to play faster to get my shot off. I can do that any time.” To which, the coach, Tyronn Lue said, “I’m not talking about your shot. I’m talking about RJ and JR.” Talking about his teammates. To which Kyrie Irving said, “Well, that’s number 23’s job.”

You then add to that, a report in the Athletic earlier this year, that Randy Mims, one of LeBron’s closest friends, tried to dap up– there– that, Jenna.

– I got dap up.

– Tried to dap up Kyrie’s father while they were still teammates. And Kyrie said, he shouldn’t be fraternizing with the enemy. The enemy. Best friend to one of his teammates. And then you hear the Cavs were trying to acquire Eric Bledsoe and Paul George.

– He got to go.

– Well, if you’re trying to beat the Warriors, and you can get a point guard that 75% as good as Kyrie and Eric Bledsoe. And Paul George, who can guard Kevin Durant. Of course– of course you have those discussions.

Like, CC, there’s only five or six guys in the entire league that you do not entertain trade discussions with. Steph, Durant, LeBron, Giannis. With all due respect to Kyrie, he’s not on that list. Like, I don’t know why he would feel disrespected. Of course your name’s going to come up in trade discussion.

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