Nick Wright had a very rough second half during the Titans-Chiefs game this weekend

– It was a four to eight cigarette, three to six vodka type of second half for me.


– [INAUDIBLE] the Chiefs are trying to kill you.

– They’re literally trying to kill him.

– Just give me a moment here, if you would. In NFL history, four times a team’s blown a playoff game where they had an 18 point lead at halftime or greater. Two of them were some of the most memorable games ever. The Frank Wright game– remember that one, CeCe?

– That was an amazing game.

– How about last year’s Super Bowl? That one was pretty memorable. And the other two are Chiefs’ playoff games coached by Andy Reid in the last four years.

I brought some props. I don’t typically do that. I just want to show the camera this. That is a Joe Montana Chiefs pennant. You know why I brought it? Because Joe Montana was the quarterback the last time the Chiefs won a home playoff game.

I’m going to show you something else. This is an autographed Lake Dawson jersey. Now you might say, who’s Lake Dawson? Some of his family might say, who’s Lake Dawson? I’m going to bet–

– Notre Dame graduate–

– I’m the–

– –wide receiver for the Chiefs.

– –only person in the world that has an autographed Lake Dawson jersey. That’s how long I’ve loved this team. And this is what they’ve done to me in my memory since Joe Montana was the quarterback.

How about losing a 10-7 playoff game at home, where you missed three field goals? That’s the Len Elliott game. How about losing a 14-10 playoff game at home against the Broncos, when you blow a fourth quarter lead?

How about losing a 38-31 home playoff game to the Colts? You lose a game where the other team doesn’t punt the football! And you don’t punt the football, either.

How about losing 45-44 to the Colts? They had the dignity to do that one on the road. But you blew a 28 point lead, and you gave up a critical touchdown after the quarterback fumbled the ball to himself.

How about last year, where you lost a home playoff game to the Steelers– where you scored two touchdowns, they scored zero? That’s like a bad math problem. How do you lose a game where you score twice, their team scores 0 times?

And then yesterday– or whatever day it was–

– Saturday.

– –the forward progress game, the game where you have an 18 point lead to the Titans. One of the worst teams to make the playoffs in a decade in the NFL– where the quarterback throws a touchdown pass to himself? Where–

– The last time that happened, I was in the playoff game. It was Brad Johnson. He threw one. So at least the Chiefs are doing things that we [INAUDIBLE].

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