Nick Wright explains why Tom Brady and the Patriots are ‘desperate’ to defeat the Steelers in Week 15

– Who do you think has more momentum? We talk about a chip on your shoulder and about the momentum coming in. Which one do you think, Nick or CC, works in their favor?

– It’s hard to have momentum after a loss. Not unless you’re just going to try to lie to your team, or something fluke happens. Either weather or someone plays spectacular. Now, you can’t say that New England, after a Monday night, a short week, that they have any type of momentum. Now, what they have is focus.


– But Pittsburgh has momentum. Pittsburgh has been mounting at this. Pittsburgh had a shaky September. They were OK in October. It’s not as if they lost, but how they play. Now, they have run off a number of games where you can say they’re the best team in football, because of the winning.

NICK WRIGHT: And if it’s a– I would agree with CC about the momentum part.

– The word “momentum” was incorrectly used. I just mean who has the advantage?

– The psychological edge almost, if there is one in this game, I think would go to New England, because they’re in a position they’re almost never in. All of a sudden they’re a desperate team. You might say, how are they desperate? Second best record in the AFC, they’re 10 and 3. They lose this game, they’re not the 1C.


– Very point blank.

CC SABATHIA: They know the magnitude of it.

– They know that if they want the playoffs to go through Gillette, they have to win this football game. So they have that going for them. I want to just circle back real quick to something I said yesterday, and CC you said, well, I can’t remember that ever happening. We were talking about Tom Brady. And I said, you know, there’s a scenario that exists where Brady plays great but the Patriots still lose. Because the Steelers’ offense is so good. And CC, you were like, well, I can’t remember, you’re going to have to show me that that’s happened. So our amazing researcher, Dustin, looked this up. There have been 102 times in Tom Brady’s career he has had what I would call a great game, a quarterback rating of 105 or better. It’s a good metric. 95 is a good rating, 85 is average, 105 is excellent. So 102 times he’s had an excellent quarterback rating. The New England Patriots are 102 in those games. Those two losses both to Peyton Manning. So to CC’s point, there are not a lot of pass to victory for the Steelers that don’t involve getting to Tom Brady, making him uncomfortable, forcing a turnover for the third straight game for Brady. Because when Brady’s been really, really good, the Patriots are essentially unbeatable, which is the point CC was alluding to yesterday. And now that I am able to look it up, I can say, doff my cap to you, sir.

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