Nick Wright breaks down what was so remarkable about the Alabama Crimson Tide’s 5th National Title in nine years

– [INAUDIBLE] Georgia has the athletes up front. Even with Bo Scarbrough and that great stable of running backs, they weren’t having the success. He didn’t want to change quarterbacks. He didn’t want all of a sudden to chuck the ball around. But he had no choice.

– But as long as he’s been coaching, this is not something that Nick Saban does.

– Correct.

– And for him in that moment to be able to realize our best chance of path to victory is through Tua and throwing the football, I was surprised and shocked by that.

– It’s remarkable, and it’s a testament to the fact that Alabama’s second team of guys that don’t start for Alabama. People say, could Alabama beat Cleveland, The Browns? No.


– But Alabama’s second team could be a top 15 team in the country. Take the 22 best guys that don’t start for Alabama and see what their recruiting profile is. The young man that had the bit of a meltdown on the sideline. I read about him last night because I wanted to know– I was surprised that Nick Saban let him go back into the game. He had the 15 yard penalty when he threw a punch. I was surprised he didn’t get thrown out. He seemed to go after a coach.

So I was like, who is this young man? Oh, he was a top 200 player in the country. A top 20 player in his state, a four star recruit who has five tackles on the year. Because he can’t get on the field in his third year at Alabama. He would be the star recruit for most team’s classes, a four star top 20 kid from the state of Georgia. He can’t get on the field.

You have Tua Tagovailova was, according to 24/7– and I’m not super in-depth on the recruiting. So I rely on the people who are rivals, 24/7, people like that. He’s the number one dual threat quarterback in the country, coming out of Hawaii. Doesn’t go to [INAUDIBLE]. Doesn’t go to USC, like so many of the Hawaiian [INAUDIBLE].

– And he decided– one of the things with him, he decided to go to a school that had a freshmen. It looks like [INAUDIBLE] is going to start for four years at Alabama. I mean, he’s a dual threat quarterback. He’s already started. He took them to the national championship as a freshman.

NICK WRIGHT: SEC offensive player of the year.

– But Tua decides, I’m going to go there. I’m going to go to Alabama from Hawaii.

– Is that a testament to Nick Saban or to the program?

– Both of them. It’s a testament to all three, the young man.

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