Nick Swisher thinks Boston’s deep lineup makes them a serious contender

– This, we’ve seen a little bit of an identity transformation, right, Nick, with this Boston team, and it’s going well.

– Yeah, no doubt. I mean, I feel like we’re finally past the Big Papi, the David Ortiz era. As much as we love you, Big Papi, this team has moved on. They have an identity now, with Hanley Ramirez right in the middle of that lineup. Obviously Mookie Betts, probably one of the most electric leadoff hitters in the game. The young core of the Boston Red Sox, man, they do look good.

– They got a great lineup. You know, one through nine, line drive hitters, and the addition of J.D. Martinez. You know, money well spent. This guy brings protection to guys like Hanley Ramirez. And Hanley Ramirez right now, is playing like he wants to win a championship.

And they need that from him, because this guy’s a superstar. But sometime, he’s laid back. You have to push of a little bit. But ever since he got injured last year and they told him he might not have a starting position coming into camp, this guy has worked his butt off and gotten back to that superstar status that he’s capable being in the other we

– This 14-2 start, best in baseball since 2003, that was the Giants. They went on to win 100 games, and the Red Sox winning tonight. And still, they have some players who haven’t been able to contribute fully because of injury in Bogaerts and Pedroia.

– Yeah, I mean those guys aren’t even in the lineup and they’re doing this sort of stuff. I mean–

– They’re deep.

– We talked a little bit about it earlier. I mean, what happens when Dustin Pedroia does come back? I mean, does he get back in the lineup? Is he a guy that’s the heart and soul of that team, in my opinion, but I mean, it doesn’t seem like they’re needing him at this point.

– They don’t need them right now, but I’m going to tell you right now. This guy plays hard. He’s a guy that you want in your clubhouse and you want on the field. He’s going to fit right in, because Alex Cora is the manager now, and he knows how to keep everybody healthy and keep everybody fresh to get in and contribute to this team and winning. They’ll be fine when he gets back.

– At a sizable lead on the Yankees, although it’s April in that AL East. More on the Blue Jays chasing them.

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