Nick explains why it’s not unrealistic for Aaron Rodgers to return and run the table with the Packers

– It would be unrealistic if they had anyone else in the league at quarterback. When you have the single best player in your sport– except for baseball, I would imagine, where one guy can’t make that type of impact every single game– then, no, it’s not unrealistic. It might be they are– it is more likely than not that they don’t do it. Like they’re not a better than 50% chance, but it’s not unrealistic.

Aaron Rodgers is the best football player alive. Aaron Rodgers at his best– and I’m not saying we will get peak Aaron Rodgers immediately– but Aaron Rodgers at his best plays the position like Dan Marino at his best, like Peyton Manning at his best, like Tom Brady’s best– as well as anyone has ever done it.

When you have a guy at that position that has reached that level, nothing’s unrealistic. We’ve seen this Packers team be 4 and 6 and make the playoffs. We’ve seen Aaron Rodgers miss weeks 9 through 16, come back in week 17 in a must win, and make the playoffs.

We have not seen the Packers– you mentioned it, Jenna– miss the playoffs in the last eight years. The all-time record is nine. So that is a sustained period of excellence due to number 12. So nothing– short of it being a sunny 82 in Lambeau this weekend or in Green Bay– is unrealistic to me for anything involving Aaron Rodgers.

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