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NFL News: FBI Found Not One, But Two Stolen Super Bowl Jerseys Of Tom Brady

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Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jerseys found (Photo : CNN / YouTube)

The year 2017 is just three months old and Tom Brady is already having one hell of a year. First, Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl championship in January after leading the New England Patriots in a dramatic come from behind win against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Then right after the game, Tom Brady’s Super Bowl game worn jersey was stolen. It doesn’t matter for Tom Brady as the New England Patriots loaded up this off-season their already formidable line up in preparation for defending their Super Bowl crown next season. Now comes the news that authorities have recovered Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey. Not just one, but two Super Bowl jerseys.

In a report from ESPN, the NFL announced on Monday that Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl game-worn jerseys from Super Bowl Li and Super Bowl XLIX, were recovered by the FBI and other law enforcement authorities. Both jerseys of Tom Brady were found in Mexico. Because the jerseys were found on foreign soil, the FBI became involved in the investigation.

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jerseys are currently in the hand of the FBI and NFL as they are in the process of authenticating both jerseys. Both jerseys will be returned to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots later this week.

According to the NFL, Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jerseys were found in the possession of a credentialed member of international media. Reports say that both Tom Brady’s jerseys were stolen by an individual posing as a member of the international media.

It was believed that after the jerseys were stolen, they were pawned outside of the United States. Reports also say that the same individual who stole Tom Brady’s jerseys may also be responsible for stealing Von Miller’s cleats and helmet after the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50.

Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl LI jersey became a major story after the New England Patriots overtime win. The stolen jersey was valued at $500,000, according to a report from CBS Boston.


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