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NBA Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler Is As Good As Gone, Celtics Preparing Offseason Trade

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Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is good as gone (Photo : Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Bonobos)

Jimmy Butler is rumored to be good as gone according to Kevin O’Connor.

Jimmy Butler has been the source of trade rumors in the trade deadline and it looks like it will continue heading into the next season. Looking at the Chicago Bulls, it’s easy to see why Jimmy Butler would want to leave his team.

The Chicago Bulls had a respectable offseason in signing former NBA champions and All-stars in Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade. The signings, however, did not turn out as expected. The Chicago Bulls are 7th in the Eastern Conference and may be headed for an early exit in the Playoffs.

Furthermore, Dwayne Wade is out for the season with injuries and Rajon Rondo has had trouble with the team throughout the season. It’s clear that the partnership of the three stars isn’t working out as planned. The three all-stars were supposed to carry the team for a deep playoff run but is expected for a first round exit. Jimmy Butler, the youngest of the stars may be fed up with the management.

The Chicago Bulls was once at the top of the Eastern Conference with Derrick Rose at the helm. But since Rose’s fall from the team, Jimmy Butler emerged as a new franchise player that the team could lean on bring them back to relevancy. But so far in his first year without playing a second fiddle to Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler has struggled to carry the team even with the help of Wade and Rajon Rondo.

There’s no denying that Jimmy Butler is a great talent that is capable of carrying the team. But in his years in Chicago, it’s also clear that the relationship isn’t working. New coach Fred Hoiberg has proven to be a poor coach that is unable to steer the team to a deep playoff run. What was once a gritty defensive team, the Bulls have been reduced to a soft and offensive heavy team without the roster to back it up.

Jimmy Butler may be gone for the next season and may it be for the best. Butler has been involved in talks with the Boston Celtics for a potential trade. While it didn’t happen this season, expect it to occur in the next if Butler continues to be unsatisfied with his team.

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