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NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Set To Meet Phil Jacskon To Discuss Possible Trade Destinations

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Carmelo Anthony

Anthony is set to meet with Phil Jackson to discuss future with Knicks (Photo : Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

It’s ironic that the home team of the mecca of basketball has been a disappointment for a better part of the decade. Franchise players have come and gone but none have been successful in bringing the team back to relevancy. For several years now, Carmelo Anthony has been tasked to do the same but also met the same fate of the other franchise players before him. And as the once unstoppable offensive threat ages and slows down, it may be time for the New York Knicks to move on from Anthony.

With five games remaining on the season and without any hope reaching the Playoffs, it’s safe to say the 2016-2017 season for the New York Knicks is a disaster. This is considering that the team signed two former studs who steered the Bulls to the top of the Eastern Conference a couple of years back but is now out due to nagging injuries. At the center of it all is Carmelo Anthony, the once superstar player who played his prime years for a team that has had questionable management. And as the seasons comes to a close, we may see the last days of Anthony as a Knicks.

As of now, Carmelo Anthony has accepted his reduced role according to ESPN. The management may have ordered the switch to assess the potential of their younger players and their growth to become future NBA stars. It can also be seen as a transition period for the team as they embark on a rebuilding phase.

But if the New York Knicks begin a rebuilding phase, that would mean they would have to trade Carmelo Anthony and his huge contract along with it. That in itself is a huge challenge as teams will be wary of signing an aging superstar with a big salary. Another thing to note is Carmelo’s no-trade clause which means he could veto any trade he’s not interested in.

For Dan Devine of Yahoo Sports, it seems that Carmelo Anthony has a good idea of his future with the Knicks. Anthony is set to talk with Knicks president Phil Jackson in an exit interview expected to happen next week who according to the player has all the chips on his table. Anthony once said that he sees the writing on the wall, and it looks like he needs to say goodbye to New York.

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