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NBA News: Jeremy Lin Has The Most Diverse Online Fanbase Among Athletes

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Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin gets interviewed after the Nets defeated the Knicks at MSG. (Photo : YESNetwork/YouTube)

Jeremy Lin has helped the Brooklyn Nets play good basketball in the last two months of the regular season. Lin, who became popular in 2012 during “Linsanity”, also has one of the best and most diverse online fanbases of any athlete around the world.

In a fascinating piece by Alex Wong of GQ Magazine, the passionate online fanbase of Jeremy Lin was revealed. Wong noted that Lin’s social media “hive” online spans all over the world and people of all colors and backgrounds.

The report names several members of Jeremy Lin’s fanbase online including Shirley Lo, who is a retired hospital pharmacist originally from China. She started following Lin at the height of “Linsanity” and he was amazed by the charisma Lin had.

Another big fan is Taiwanese migrant accountant Lisa Tarng, who stopped following basketball after Michael Jordan retired in 2003. However, she got hooked to basketball again when Jeremy Lin took over the New York Knicks in 2012.

Gwen Campbell, a 50-year-old woman from the South currently based in Chicago, is also a big fan of Jeremy Lin. She liked how Lin was a genuine person and she would have loved her daughter to date him if she was not married.

“He’s just a genuine person. There’s not a lot of fake to him. This is a kid I could have over and I know I would enjoy his company. If my daughter were not married, I would be like yeah, come over and date my daughter! He passes the test,” Campbell told GQ Magazine.

Other members of Jeremy Lin’s hive include Conservative News Media’s Paul Villarreal, New York Knicks beat writer Nathan Gottlieb and Nets Daily’s Anthony Puccio. Villarreal creates a lot of Jeremy Lin videos and it has reached all over the world including Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and all over Asia.

Jeremy Lin will finish his first season with the Brooklyn Nets on a positive note. He helped the Nets win 20 games despite many analysts predicting them to win 18 games at most. Lin and the Nets have two more games left, April 10 against the Boston Celtics and April 12 against the Chicago Bulls, per

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