Mock drafting the 2018 NBA All-Star teams

CHRIS BROUSSARD: All right, here we are for another segment of “Knockdown J” with my man Jason McIntyre. And what we’re going to do this time is, instead of debating three topics like we usually do, since the All-Star team is being announced this week– or at least for starters– we are going to mimic what the captains are going to do in the All-Star. You know there’s a different format this year. So each of the leading vote getters from each conference is going to pick their own team from the other 22 players that are named to the All-Star team.

So J Mack and I are– we’re not going to do 12 on each team, we’re going to do eight. Five starters, three reserves, and then my man, Josh Goldman– we call him Goldie– he is going to name who has the best team. Now look. This is not building the best team to win a championship. So there will be role players and things like that. These are strictly All-Star players that we are choosing. And then Goldie will give us the verdict.

JASON MCINTYRE: Good start us off. Let’s get going.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Nah, I’m going to– I’m going to let–

JASON MCINTYRE: I don’t want first pick, because I’m going to upset you with my first pick.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Look, it’s my show

JASON MCINTYRE: And I’m going to destroy you.



CHRIS BROUSSARD: I’m very hospitable. And I’m very hospitable.

JASON MCINTYRE: This is on the record. I offered it to him.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: I’m gonna let you– I’m hospitable, I’m gonna let you–

JASON MCINTYRE: I will pencil him in. The NBA there goes my eraser. The NBA of the N– the MVP or the NBA. Mr. Kevin Durant. He’s my first pick. Front court start, Durant filling it up, unstoppable.

– Well, you know–

– Your move.

– I have to–

– You got to take him.

– I have to go with LeBron.

Yes! [INAUDIBLE] with LeBron–



JASON MCINTYRE: You know who I’m getting next.

– Yeah, go ahead and take Steph.

– Yeah, obviously, Steph Curry. I mean, come on. Second best point guard in NBA history. That’s a fact. Steph Curry. Number two. So we got Durant and Curry. This is a wrap. I mean, it’s all– you have no chance.

– I don’t know.

– I’ll give you the next four picks.

– You know who I’m taking? James Harden, who’s pretty good. Leads the league in scoring.

JASON MCINTYRE: I like his game.

– Has more assists–

– I haven’t seen him in two or three weeks.

– –than your boy Steph Curry.

– I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks.

– Yeah, yeah, I got Harden.

– Rockets are falling apart without him. Now this is a challenge, because I kind of want to go with another Warrior but I’m going to get destroyed if I take Klay Thompson this early. So I’m going to go with a gentleman who I believe– no, this is tough. Now you’ve got me pinned. I didn’t think he’d go Harden. I thought he’d pick Westbrook–

– I did that on purpose–

– –and I would laugh at him. Yeah, that was actually a pretty good move.

– –to throw you off.

– I’m not taking Russell Westbrook. He is a chemistry killer–

– Make a pick!

– –on an All-Star team. I’m going to go with the guy who could guard LeBron, who is an MVP candidate–

– Oh, there’s somebody that can guard LeBron. All right.

– –Giannis! Go ahead and say his last name. I don’t want to try it and embarrass myself.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Antetokounmpo.

JASON MCINTYRE: Yes, there you go. Giannis–

– That’s not a bad pick.

– –G-I-A-N-N-I–

– Because you got shooting. not a bad–

– –oh, boy.

– –you’re off to a decent start.

– Is that spelled wrong? I don’t know.

MAN: Yeah, that’s great.

– Giannis. I mean, come on. Giannis, Durant, and Curry? That’s probably the greatest team in NBA history.

– Yeah.

– This is a tough one, Broussard.

– This is a tough one.

– Because the frontcourt players are drying up.

– I am going to– I want some shooting. I want some shooting.

– Hey, Paul George is out there. 43% from deep this year.

– Yeah, that’s right. That’s not a bad one. That’s not a bad one.

– Lonzo Ball’s still on the board. Don’t take Kuzma, whatever you do.

– But you know what? I am going with your nemesis–

– My nemesis? Russell Westbrook?

– –Joel–

JASON MCINTYRE: Oh my goodness!


– Are you kidding me?

– Joel Embiid.

– Hold on. The sixth pick. Joel Embiid, who is yet to play a back-to-back this season. How many games has he missed?

– Is the All-Star Game on back-to-back?

– Hold on.

– OK.

– How many games–

– It’s irrelevant.

– –has he missed?

– That last comment–

– 10, 12 games?

– –was irrelevant.

– Unbelievable!

– Steph Curry’s missed more games than–

– No.

– –Joel Embiid. Or close.

– No, we’ll find that out.

– Steph missed 13. It’s in the same–

– Can we get the fact checker here?

– And Durant’s missed a handful, too.

– Joel Embiid– oh. And I like Embiid. But Chris, you’re out of your mind.

– Embiid is the best big man in basketball.

– Geez. Look at this. What a motley crew. You are so in trouble. Do I need to pick someone to defend Embiid? I got Durant. Durant can check him.

– Oh, now, hold on. First, you’re hating on Embiid. Now you got to pick someone–

– Well, he can only play 15 minutes.

– You’re right, I don’t see anybody on there who’s guarding him, that’s for sure.

– He can only play 15– you know what? I’m going to go with the most unguardable guard in the league, Kyrie Irving.


JASON MCINTYRE: Kyrie Irving Nobody can check him. Nobody. You couldn’t check him with that marker, Chris. Kyrie Irving. Look at this lineup.

– You got to come up with a better–

– This is the one episode where you’re going to lose all your YouTube commenters. And The guys who come on and says, Broussard is a GOAT! Every comment. Dude, my team already kills your team.

– You do make me look good–

– Yeah.

– –every single week. That’s why I got you on [INAUDIBLE].

– Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.

– I do need some shooting.

– Hey, Ben Simmons! Why don’t you grab Ben Simmons? Of You need shooting.

– I need some shooting.

– Go ahead and make another 76er from that .500 ball club. I like the Sixers, by the way.

– I am going to– I got Harden–

– Hey, Boogie Cousins!

– –who can shoot.

– Boogie Cousins. There you go.

– LeBron’s OK.

– Another big guy.

– I tell you what, he’s going to be an All-Star And I need some shooting–


– –at my second guard spot.

– No, no.

– I’m going with my man Klay Thompson.

– Really?

– Yes. I need shooting. How many open looks is LeBron getting him? Tons. Tons.

– Are we being serious? Klay Thompson.

– He’s going to be an All-Star. Yeah.

– Paul George– are you tracking this over here, staff boy? Paul George and Jimmy Butler are on the board? Klay Thompson is–

– I love Klay Thompson.

– No, apparently, you don’t.

– Now I’ve got a difficult decision.

– Klay Thompson– yeah, because–

– I wish we– I wish this– if this–

– Hold on. You shoot down my picks. And then you sit here and I got a difficult decision. I got size, protection of the rim.

– Size wins in–

– Hold on.

– –the NBA in 2018.

– I have two tremendous playmakers in LeBron–


– –and Harden, who can always get somebody an open look or themselves a bucket.

– Yeah, I don’t have any of that.

– I got a 3-point shooter in Harden. I got a 3-point marksman in Klay Thompson.

– This is tough.

– You’re going to have trouble dealing with me.

– You know what? I hate to give you Paul George since he’s going to be a Laker next year. And I like the Lakers. I think I’m going to have to lean Jimmy Butler here for defense, because he owns LeBron. LeBron’s lost to Jimmy Butler–


JASON MCINTYRE: –I believe, seven times in a row. So I’m going to go Jimmy Butler, one of the best two-way–

– Jimmy Butler, you mean, when he was with the Bulls, they were beating the Cavs.

– No, no, I said the last seven games, head to head, Jimmy Butler’s, like, dominated LeBron. The facts are out. Go look it up.

– Yes, but Butler was playing with the Bulls.

– Yeah, when he was with the Bulls.

– So the Bulls were beating the Cavs.

– No, they weren’t really killing them. But Jimmy Butler head to head with LeBron was.

– It just– so Jimmy Butler’s better than LeBron. Is

– No. No.

– Is that what you’re– the point you’re trying to make?

– Jimmy Butler can guard LeBron. Actually–


– –Giannis–

– –fans, he just said Jimmy Butler.

– No, I did not. He owns LeBron recently.

– You said he owns LeBron.

– OK, the Warriors own LeBron.

– He owns LeBron.

– The Warriors own LeBron. You’ll admit that. They’ve won 7 of 8.

– That’s one of the best teams in history.

– OK, one of the best teams in history. Good. And Jimmy Butler head to head with LeBron, I believe, and we can fact check this, seven straight either wins or he outplayed him seven straight times.

– There’s no way he outplayed him seven straight times.

– When they beat them by 30 last week, the TV commentary the whole game was, boy, Jimmy Butler owns LeBron. I don’t know, you missed that game?

– Owns? I’m sure nobody said owns LeBron. I don’t know what broadcast you were watching.

– It might have been the Timberwolves broadcast I was watching.

– Might have been Mrs. Butler on that broadcast.

– So I can have Butler on LeBron. I could have Giannis on LeBron. You’re in trouble. So look at this starting lineup, folks.

– But is somebody shutting down LeBron?

– Best point guard in the NBA, potential MVP, LeBron nemesis, biggest freak in the league, and the MVP. I mean– this–

– All right. I am taking– I got Klay to knock down 3s.

– If you don’t take Paul George.

– Harden can knock down 3s. Paul George? I think I’m taking Anthony Davis.

– Oh, now, see, that’s a good pick. I like it.

– That’s who I’m taking. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, yeah.

– Your first good pick. First good pick.

– Man, come on!

– Yeah, hold it up and just let the guys know–

– My team is legit, baby.

– They’re a little big for 2018.

– My team is legit. I’m going to put some marksmen off the bench. I got Joel Embiid, who can– who’s handling Embiid? I’m just posting Embiid all night long.

– No, we’ll trade you two for three.

– I’m going to crush you to dust.

– We’ll trade you two for three.

– You’re going to have to double, then just kick it out to Klay.

– Right. So now we’re going to the reserves.

– Oh, it’s– come on.

– Do we want to let him go first pick with the reserves?

– No! Go ahead–

– You sure? Paul George.

– –and pick.

– Paul George. Lock that up. 40%.

– You apparently think George has had a much better season than he actually has.

– Paul George is a Top 10 player in the NBA.

– I’m not so sure about that. He’s on the fringe of it.

– 43%–

– He’s on the fringe.

– –career-high from 3.

– He’s shooting– what’s he shooting overall? About 42%, 43%?

– I don’t know overall. I’m just hooked on his 43% shooting.

– All right.

– Paul George is so dominant.

– He’s a very good– I love George. But–

– He’s had a great season.

– –I think you’re overselling him a little bit.

– He’s actually playing well with Westbrook–

– You know what?

– –which is nice, given Westbrook has not shared well with others.

– Look, you can’t hate on Westbrook. He hates on Westbrook.

– Go ahead, take him. Take him. Take him. Take him.

– Your boy Colin–

– Take him. Take him.

– –Cowherd hates on Westbrook. Yeah, off the bench, change of pace. Is he a two-time MVP? The Two-time All-Star Game MVP.

– Woo!

– Oh, I’m taking Russell Westbrook.

– What’s he shooting this year, 39%? Career low?

– I bet you he’s shooting better– I think he might be shooting better–

– 39%, 40%. It’s right around there.

– –than your boy Paul George.

– No, there’s zero chance of that.

– I really think so. Check that out, [INAUDIBLE].

– Well, you know what? This is perfect. This sets me up for what I believe is one of the– I’m going to call him a sleeper, although he’s not technically a sleeper. I’m going–

– There are no sleepers among All-Stars.

JASON MCINTYRE: –Victor Oladipo, who, by the way, is having one–

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Yeah, you’re reaching. You’re reaching.

JASON MCINTYRE: –of the best reasons in the NBA right now. I think he’s averaging 24, 5, and 5.

– I think that might take away from his squad.

– No, no, no, listen.

– I like Oladipo. But Top 16 player in the league?

– What he’s done with that ragtag Indiana Pacers.

– What are they seeded?

– I don’t even know.

– Weren’t you ripping Embiid because they’re only seeded eighth or ninth?

– They have two superstars, number one overall picks.

– Ben Simmons is not yet a superstar.

– Victor Oladipo’s had four coaches, I think, in five years in the NBA.

– OK, go ahead and take Oladipo.

– Wow, and you’re mocking him?

– And take Myles Turner with him for your next pick, all right?

– That is some hardcore disrespect. You know, you just killed it. You’re never going to get Oladipo on the show.

– I like Oladipo.

– Sheez, Broussard.

– But I just think you’re going–

– Unbelievable.

– –your last two picks– your last three picks have been [INAUDIBLE]. I’ve shaken you. You shook.

How How? How?

– Can we throw on some Mobb Deep You are shook. I’m sitting like– you just gotten like–

– We are going to run circles around you.

– I’ve thrown you off.

– Why don’t you draft another center?

– You started well You started well.

– Take DeMarcus Cousins. Go ahead. I know you love big guys. Who’s on the market? Bradley Beal.

– I got Harden.

– John Wall! Take another point guard there, buddy. [INAUDIBLE]

– Well, we– how many guards? I got two guards.

– Damian Lillard. Karl-Anthony Towns on the board.

– You know what? I love me some Karl-Anthony Towns. Karl-Anthony Towns–

– I feel like I might need a big guy.

– –can shoot the 3.

– Is Draymond Green in play, ladies and gentlemen? He’s not having an All-Star season. I mean, you could argue Victor Oladipo should be starting in the East.

– You could argue that. You could certainly argue that.

– He’s been tremendous. Why are you discounting what Victor Oladipo has done, Chris?

I like I like Oladipo. I’m just– I think that’s a little high for Victor Oladipo. That’s all I’m saying.

– He went 11th? 12th?

– That’s all I’m saying. He’s been in the league, what, six years?

– I’m struggling with my counting today. [INAUDIBLE]

– I am going to go–

– –lights out.

– –with Karl-Anthony Towns.

– How many seven footers you got? You do realize–

– Seven footers can still play.

– –I’ll give your team all the 2s you want.

– He’s a seven footer. But he plays–

– I like Towns.

– –he can hit 3s, too.

– How’s his defense? He’s the weakest defensive player of anybody here. That includes Steph Curry.

– I don’t know. Kyrie’s–

– It’s a fact.

– –not a lockdown guy. You can talk all you want about him being the boss. It’s the system.

– Karl-Anthony Towns doesn’t play a lick of defense. And I like Towns a lot. All right, so now it–

– It’s an All-Star Game.

– –comes to my final pick.

– Nobody’s playing defense.

– I kind of want to go off the board. I had all my top guys. They’re gone. Heck you’ve almost convinced me to take DeMarcus Cousins. But because the All-Star Game is fun–

– You have really [INAUDIBLE]

– –free-flowing, 3-pointers, I want to give you a guy– is Ben Simmons an All-Star, Chris? Chris? I’m going to ask you straight up.

– He has slowed down a little bit as the season’s gone on. Maybe. I’d have to count him out.

– He can’t shoot.

– He’s on the [INAUDIBLE].

– So I would love–

– You can pick him if you want.

– I love Ben Simmons. I love how he stepped to Kyle Lowry, said meet me in the hallway. I’ve said that to you before.

– Ben is surprisingly–

– Chris Broussard, meet me in–

– –tough.

– No! You don’t want to mess with him.

– At least he appears like– he was like, I don’t take nothing.

– He doesn’t.

– I don’t take no off nobody. So I like that.

– Could we send it to Whitlock? I seriously considered Steven Adams in this final spot. He’s been great this year. And you don’t mess with Steven Adams.

– Are you serious?

– No, no. All right, for my final pick–

– I like Steven Adams. But–

– –I’m going to go with–

– –you got no muscle, man.

– You don’t need muscle.

– No muscle.

– This is a 3–

– My goodness.

– –and D league bro.

– You have absolutely no muscle. I’m looking at your squad.

– You know what? I can see him– I’m going to get docked for–

– Really? Because Giannis can’t shoot. So is he your big man?

– He’s my only big.

– He’s your post player?

– Oh, my gosh, you’ve convinced me. Just for bleeps and giggles–

– Yeah, go with Cousins.

– –I’m going to go with DeMarcus Cousins. He’s a chemistry killer.

– Well, there you go.

– But he’s going to demand the ball.

– You’re killing your own team. You started off strong. I got to admit, with Steph–

– DeMarcus Cousins.

– –and Durant–

– Come on down DeMarcus.

– –and Giannis and Kyrie–

– You’re finally playing for a winning franchise.

– –you started strong.

– –with some teammates. He’s never had a good point guard. No disrespect to–

– Wow.

– –to– what’s his name, the guy in New Orleans right now, Rajon Rondo. No disrespect to Jarue Holiday or whatever the Kings had back in the day.

– Jrue.

– –back in the day. Jrue Holiday. Sorry.

– You know what? I–

– That’s a wrap, folks.

– –I need some– you really fell off.

– Listen–

– You slowed down.

– –I’ll give you Devin Booker.

– You started strong. Oh, Devin.

– I give you Devin. I wanted him. I wanted him as my last pick–

– I like Devin.

– –but I need some muscle inside.

– I’m even going to let you know who I’m debating.

– Markkanen?

– Because I want some shooting.

– I like me some Markkanen.

– I’m looking at–

– Andre Drummond.

– I’m looking at Devin Booker–

– Yeah.

– –Damian Lillard, or Bradley Beal, because I want some shooting.

– I’d give you any of those guys. None of them scare me. I got Dipo!

– Devin really– I don’t think Devin– Devin’s not going to make it this year–

– True story. Hey, true story–

– –just because of their losing.

– –Chris, the three guys you just named, Victor Oladipo is having a better season than all three of those guys you just named. That’s a fact. Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, they’re all good.

– I don’t know about Lillard.

– Oladipo– and Oladipo plays better defense than all three of those guys.

– You know what?

– That was a steal. That’s a steal right there. I wish I could draw emojis. I would draw like a something steal for Victor Oladipo. Like I’m going to have to give him an extra–

– I’m going to go with– my man is clutch. I’m going to go with Dame. And there’s a happy face–

– Dame D.O.L.L.A.

– –for DeMarcus Cousins, because he’s going to be–

– Dame D.O.L.L.A.

– –happy and excited to play with– Who? Dame.

– Dame D.O.L.L.A. All right. So my team, my starting five, James Harden, Klay Thompson.




CHRIS BROUSSARD: That’s the duo.

JASON MCINTYRE: That is– that’s a nice duo.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Joel Embiid in the middle. Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Then at my reserves, I got Russell Westbrook, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Dame D.O.L.L.A. Lillard.

– I’m surprised you didn’t take your buddy Isaiah Thomas. You love him a lot. I know he’s only played five games.

But I’m going with Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Giannis, and Durant. By the way, three of my five were in your MVP list, OK? That’s how stacked my starting lineup is.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: You got a nice starting lineup.

JASON MCINTYRE: I got Paul George–

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Your bench is wanting.

JASON MCINTYRE: –who’s having his best career from– shooting from deep, Victor Oladipo, career season, and DeMarcus Cousins, who– I will give him props. I think he’s at 25 and 10?

– His numbers are ridiculous.

– His numbers are insane. And on a good team, he’s going to be happy. He’s not going to chirp. He’s not going to argue with the refs. [EXHALING] What do we got here? What do we got?

– Why didn’t you wear a muscle shirt this week–

– Oh, god.

– –like last– I know you got a lot of nice comments.

– I’ll dip into the tank tops next week.

– All right. We turn it over to my man Goldie. Josh Goldman–

– He’s going to pick you, obviously.

– –what you got?

– The fans– the All-Star Game’s about the fans. They really like the muscle shirts. So–

– Oh! And

– –you could have got some more extra points. And I have to give it to you, McIntyre, your first picks were amazing. Steph, KD, Giannis. Kyrie is an awesome, awesome All-Star player. Kyrie, Steph. But Steph’s missed more. And you had me with the Jimmy Butler stat. Eight straight wins versus LeBron.

– It’s eight straight wins versus LeBron!

– That’s fine. That’s fine.

– Bam!

– You had a magic word that you said. Defense. No one plays defense in the All-Star Game at all. I don’t want to hear who’s guarding LeBron. You could be out there. LeBron– it doesn’t matter.

– Can you set that up? You and LeBron. Just hit up on Maverick.

– Westbrook is an amazing All-Star player. He’s a two-time MVP.

– Because nobody’s [INAUDIBLE]. Who’s stopping him at the rim?

– Oladipo got some revenge. Revenge for Westbrook. He can pass me the ball, I’m going to lock you up.

– And I feel like there’s no Clipper or Laker that’s going to make it. I feel like Russ is going to be the host. They’re going to want–

– Oh, gross. It’s going to be Paul George!

– Paul George. Oh, by the way, Russell Westbrook is shooting better than Paul George.

– From the field.


– Well, hold on. So what is your–


– No one’s going to guard him! It’s the All-Star Game! He’s going to be shooting dunks. So the winner and the host is Chris.

– This is rigged!

– Thank you.

– This is so rigged.

– My man Goldie.

– This is so rigged.

– My man Goldie.

– Oh, my gosh.

– Your team is soft, man. Your team is soft. That’s all.

– Giannis, Jimmy Butler.

– You started off strong.

– OK, fair enough.

– You started off strong. You came all right.

– Karl-Anthony Towns. A tremendous defender. You’re right, yeah.

– But it’s not about defense.

– Yeah, I forgot. All-Star Game.

– I’m running– can you imagine my fastbreak? Westbrook, LeBron, Harden.

– Yeah, guys filling the lanes. My guys on the fastbreak–

– Filling the lanes.

– –are going to the 3-point line and splashing.

– I got a few 3-point shooters, too.

– A few. I have a lineup full of them. Look, man–

– Gosh, my team looks good. I wish I could coach this.

– –let this be a lesson learned for you.

– Can you talk to Adam Silver and make this happen? This is hot.

– Let this be a lesson learned for you. Don’t come in the zone with that weak stuff, all right? Because I’ll swat it away–

– You need to get [INAUDIBLE].

– –like your man Kevin Durant.

– Yeah!

– Peace.

– KD!

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