Michael Vick: Seahawks altercation with fans in Jacksonville ‘doesn’t reflect on the coach’

– Cowherd, Pete Carroll has always fostered a very loose culture. Do you blame Pete Carroll for any of this?

– No, I don’t know, he has a very pro player culture. He empowers the player. That’s– Mike Tomlin does very much the same thing. No, if you’re going to throw stuff at players, that’s on you. I’m never going to blame a player for some idiot throwing a battery, a coin, a beer at a– that’s just– you have to be– you have to own your baggage.

Players are in the middle of the most regulated, violent, emotional sport in America, the most viewed, the most discussed, the most bet on. They get hot. This happens all the time.

Throwing stuff at players. You’re a fan. You’re a spectator.

JASON WHITLOCK: Dude, the dude’s almost in the locker room.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, I mean, he–

– Run on into the locker room. If you’ve played sports at the college, pro level, whatever, that right there happens. And you have a opportunity to ignore it. Every idiot doesn’t have to be in control of your actions. That’s my issue. And again, I’m not going to be disrespected. Well, you going to have– you going to be in constant conflict if every time an idiot does something, it can provoke you.

Again, Michael Bennett’s in there, I care about you as a man. He’s a man. Hey, he’s a human being. And

And him– look, man, you don’t have to react to every bit of stupidity. You have control over your emotions. You can be better than someone else. You don’t– again, if it’s just going to be a tit for tat, then idiots will always control you, and you’ll look like an idiot just like them. That’s what Quentin Jefferson looks like to me. An idiot provoked by other idiots.

– You know what? I kind of look at this situation, and I could be biased, because there’s been so many times where fans have said things to me that was crazy and irate, and I was like, wanting to just run up in the stands. And I’m not even as big as Jefferson, and I still wanted to run in the stands and try to do something. And one time I made a obscene gesture.

But it doesn’t reflect on the coach. You As players, Tony, you know, we have to conduct ourselves a certain way. You know, it’s not always going to be perfect or pretty. But our emotions would be so embedded into the game, that sometimes we lose it. Sometimes we lose it.

But Michael Bennett, he still can’t do the things that he did at the end of the game. You I think that provoked everything. And then was this a case of the bully getting bullied? That’s what it looked like. So you take your bumps and bruises, and you move on.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, when you’re emotional, like you say, you wear it out there on the sleeve, you’re going– you attract what you put out, OK? And that’s going to come back to you. That’s all there is to it.

And so when he’s going to the locker room, if that was me?

MICHAEL VICK: Keep going.

– I would have just kept going right there. Yeah, I have my helmet on. Then he took his helmet off and goes back for more. What do you think is going to happen with these fans?

We’ve had experiences. I was telling you earlier today, playing out there in Oakland, down in the Black Hole, getting quarterback– quarters thrown at my helmet, empty beer cans. You just don’t react. You just have to be above that and get out of there.

But I do agree with him. Now, if I’m on the sideline and I’m sitting there waiting for the game and somebody hits me–

MICHAEL VICK: If they hit you.

– –then I might go– I’m not saying I’ll go up the stands, but I can see why somebody would.

And those fans out there– Charles Barkley’s living testament. Remember, he threw that guy through the plate glass window?

When he got– they dropped the charges. And the judge goes to him after it was over and goes, Charles, if you could do something a little bit different, would you have handled the situation differently? He said, Yes, Your Honor, I would have done it differently. I would have took him to the third floor and threw him out the window there and finished the job off right. He’s like, you mess with me, I’m going to whoop you. I remember reading that. You mess with me, I’m going to whoop you.

And that’s what– don’t mess with these guys. That’s what makes these guys so great. That’s why they play in the NFL. Don’t mess with them, fans.

JASON WHITLOCK: The Seahawks, though, have taken on this banner of being the team– they want to be heels. And I do blame that on Pete Carroll and the Seahawks organization. I blame this coddling of Michael Bennett. He did the cheap shot here. He wants to jump on his social justice warrior so-and-so’s a man. The guy lied on the Las Vegas police. He did something cheap here. To me, it’s a damn disgrace, this guy running around as a Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee.

MICHAEL VICK: He’s a role model. He’s a role model.

– He doesn’t live it. He’s a product of this little fake Twitter world that we’ve created, where somehow he stands for something, and he really doesn’t.

MICHAEL VICK: And that’s what I wanted to say. To see Michael Bennett doing this, and for the awareness that he’s brung to various situations around the league, kids looking up to him as a role model, I don’t want to see him in this light. I think he should conduct himself better. I think he needs to learn from this and obviously know that he got a lot of kids watching him and everything that he says now that he’s put his self on that platform.

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