Lonzo Ball or Ben Simmons: Nick Wright reveals why he’s changing his NBA Rookie of the Year pick

– Well, I was always worried about his shot. I mean, that’s something he was going to have to develop. He doesn’t have great form on his shot. He also shoots his jump shot on his way down. So I know that part, he can improve on. The rest of his game will come around. But it is called the NBA for a reason. That’s why rookies are rookies for a reason. He’s getting indoctrined into how things are played in the NBA. Welcome to the big show.

– This is a little more concerning than a typical bad offensive performance, purely because of who he was going up against. The Blazers have one of the worst defensive back courts in the NBA. So if you’re not going to score a bunch points against them, it’s going to be hard to find the team you are going to score a bunch points on. CC, you’re going to be very proud of me here.

– Maybe.

– I was all in on Lonzo as Rookie of the Year. I am still all in on Lonzo’s long term future. However, with two weeks of data and information,–

– More information!

– Ben Simmons! I am jumping on that bandwagon! Philly’s Ben Simmons, you can be mad at me about the Carson Wentz stuff Philly. But I’m all in on Ben Simmons.

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