Learn something new about hitting with A-Rod, Papi, Big Hurt (and some fancy graphics)

– My whole career, I always had the same approach. But against Justin Verlander after the second time I faced him, I said, from now on, I’m going to look down in the zone for the fastball. And that’s the only chance I got against him.

I kept my eye level down here the entire time. Anything up here, I never would have off read it, because he would pound me in hard. but the only thing for a strike inside would be down. So one or two pitches a game. I was hoping to get that pitch the entire time against Justin Verlander.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: And what part of the field were you trying to hit it when you got your fastball down?

– Well, with Justin, I was trying to hit– for the first time, trying to hit over the shortstop’s head, because the breaking ball is so great, you cannot– you got to choose your poison when a guy’s this dominant. And that’s what you have with Walker Buehler. You got to look down in the zone, and try to split the plate, and try to make sure, as a right-hander, trying to look over the shortstop. Or if you want to zone him out and go opposite field, I would go opposite also.

– 97 up here. Folks, you dream about hitting that, but it’s hard to get there. That’s the impossible dream for a hitter right there, because this possible [INAUDIBLE] right here, especially 95-plus, 97 the way guys are throwing right now, it’s hard to get on top of it.

We practice– like, you guys know that we practice, try to get on top of the ball. We practice, but not at that level right there.

– Right.

– We try to get it from top of the ball to strike zone down here. But once he go up here a couple of inches higher, it’s hard to match that.

– Now, show me your swing when you were coming at this ball. If this ball was coming right here, that’s your swing. Now, if you don’t mind showing me the modern-day swing of the young kids. How do they come at the ball now?

– Launch angle.

– So you see this angle right here, guys? I would say anything above this imaginary line right here, I’m going to leave it alone. And my eyes would focus down, because I knew if the ball was here or higher, it was unhittable, especially if there was some velo. If they’re throwing 88– nobody does that anymore, maybe in high school– you’re good, but you got to get the ball down.

– I got you to swing on that.

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