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Kirk Cousins Could Leave Washington Redskins Might Play For San Francisco 49ers, Reports

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St Louis Rams v Washington Redskins

LANDOVER, MD – SEPTEMBER 20: Quarterback Kirk Cousins #8 of the Washington Redskins looks on in the fourth quarter during a game against the St. Louis Ramsat FedExField on September 20, 2015 in Landover, Maryland.

(Photo : Matt Hazlett/Getty Images)

The popular Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins is expected to move on to another team soon and most likely, it will be San Francisco’s 49ers.Rumors and speculation regarding his future plans have been taking the rounds on the internet as fans craze over him.

The Sportsnaut report claimed that since Washington has signed Brian Hoyer this year, more likely than not, they might be squashing off the revival of the Kirk Cousins trade. Several reports suggested the same thing. Soon, fans started to believe that Cousins may not have any other option but to move on to another team. Cleveland’s possibility of grabbing Cousins was also soon ruled out as claims of the team’s interest in Jimmy Garoppolo emerged. Moreover, even Chicago had ended up signing Mike Glennon.

While chances of Kirk Cousins being recruited in his desired team appear slim, he has been believed to express his wish to join his old buddy Kyle Shananhan at San Francisco despite the repeated rumours and speculations. Another report published by Profootball Talk suggests that San Francisco’s 49ers also share the same interest of having Cousins having onboard. Unfortunately, it is for 2018 and not this year.

Given all of this, Kirk Cousins is under no thoughts to renew his contract with Washington. It will be interesting to follow the quarterback’s story this year. While Washington has serious potential that will allow them to explore his skills furthermore, there is much taking place in the football world that still remains untouched. According to a report published by MSN, the rumor mill started rolling when San Francisco 49ers signed Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley earlier this year.

Kirk Cousins reportedly makes $23.9 million currently. He has even reported to have personally spokten to owner Daniel Snyder in an attempt to get traded all the way to San Francisco.

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