Justice league: LeBron James is Batman and leaving the Cavs for the Warriors would be the ultimate Robin move

– What do you think are the greater chances– and you talked about this earlier this morning. That LeBron stays in Cleveland, or that he goes to Golden State?

– That’s interesting.

– I’d be more surprised if he went to Golden State. I think there’s a better chance he stays in Cleveland. He can not, under any circumstances, if Golden State wins the title, go there. I mean, even if they don’t, it wouldn’t look good. This can not happen.

LeBron James said, two days ago, I am not going to do more without Kevin Love. I do me. No matter who’s on the court, I don’t change my game.

Why? Because LeBron James is a Batman. He’s not a Robin. And if going to Golden State will be the ultimate Robin move. I have more faith in LeBron James’ game, I have more faith in him as a competitor. And I think he has more faith in his game than to go join such a stacked team.

And if he didn’t have enough faith in himself, then somebody on his team– Rich Paul, Maverick Carter, Savannah– you need to be like, no honey, no.

– Not going to happen.

– No.

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