Jason Whitlock wouldn’t put Odell on his trade board: ‘Let that continue to be the Giants’ problem’

– Cowherd, is Odell Beckham, Jr., worth trading for?

– Yes, depends on the situation. Baltimore, John Harbaugh almost got canned last year. They’re chasing Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, two pro-bowlers up front, Juju Smith-Schuster. They need a playmaker. San Francisco is chasing a Rams roster right now.

And if they sign Ndamukong Suh with Aaron Donald, they’ll have no running game. Listen, everybody is worth something in this league. A first round pick– hey, there’s a lot of coaches out there that are on the hot seat a month in.

– Look, I like the price tag, a first round pick and something else.

– Right.

– They’re not like the Eagles talking crazy about two first round picks for Nick Foles. I like the price tag for the trade. But it’s the price tag for Odell that I don’t like. He wants to be the highest paid player in the league.

You’re taking on that baggage, as well. How long will Odell behave in a new environment, particularly if he doesn’t get the kind of money that he wants? So I say, no, he would not be on my trade board. I let that continue to be the Giants problem.

– Well, I would look at Odell Beckham Jr, you know, I’ve always believed that I grew up in a franchise where, under Joe Gibbs, it was always about, hey, we’ll trade a unknown commodity, a draft pick, for a known commodity, which is a great player. We’ll do that all day long.

So I grew up in that environment and that’s how I cut my teeth in the National Football League. The issues that you get into with him is, you know, production versus problems.

There’s an equation. And when the problems outweigh the production, that’s an issue. Coming off a broken ankle, I don’t know what he’s going to be.

Now if you can rent him for a year– let me see how he operates if I rent him for a year. Here’s the crazy thing though, will there be partners? Will there’ll be people reaching out to the Giants?

You darn well know there will be, a bunch of teams that reach out to them. Why? Because there’s a lot of teams stupid enough to believe they’re one wide receiver away from winning a world championship, right? That’s a completely dependent position.

– That’s what–

– The wide receiver position, you’ve got to have a quarterback, you’ve got to have the whole line. You’ve got to have all those things to be–

– My side, Collin.

– No, he’s arguing Baltimore is delusional enough to think they’re this close.


– OK, OK.

– And that is straight delusion because how many franchises have ever been taken to a Super Bowl by a diva wide receiver?

– No.

– Sure, they’ve been parts of the puzzle. They’ve been pieces. But you’ve never built a team around a wide receiver, it’s the position you don’t do.

It does feel like this is becoming almost more likely than not that he is going to get moved from New York. I feel like Dave Gettleman’s come in there and he said, you know what, he moves JPP. He’s kind of clearing some of the pieces out of the locker room. Because hey, if you’re a new general manager, what better time to do it than right when you walk in the door.

– Yeah.

– And if I am him, I am taking those calls all day. But, I would take Eli Manning, pull him aside and say, what do you think we should do? How valuable is he to your career, to your success?

Can we corral him in? You know, contracts aside, just from the straight locker room culture.

– You had me until you brought up Eli.


– Why is that?

– Why do they care what Eli thinks?

– Because he’s the quarterback.

– That is the position you build around.

– He’s at the end of his career. He’s part of the problem. I don’t consult with him. Listen, the takeaway to me is, why is this story leaking right now? And why is the price tag a first round pick and something else?

They’re throwing the trial balloon up there and– they’re desperate to get rid of him. Because when you set the price that low, again, no one is going to jump over that. They’re going, oh, hell, you know, it doesn’t take too first rounds.

So let me offer a high top of the second round pick and some, you know, starting player and see– The Giants want to get ride of Odell. They’re not consulting with Eli. Hopefully they’re drafting a quarterback and moving on.

– He’s only 25, so, we know– and his numbers with Eli were at times spectacular. Let’s not go crazy here. Let’s not marginalize him to pedestrian receiver.

– No, he’s a top receiver.

– Top three, easy.

– He’s phenomenal. The record without him, Eli Manning is 5 and 12.

– Without Eli or without Odell?

– Without Odell, Eli without Odell, 5 and 12. With him, 21 and 26. Huge jump–

– Right.

– But still under 500.

– That shows you the Giants have a lot of issues, right.

– These are always– and that’s the thing. When you look at the Giants roster in totality, their offensive line stinks. Their running game stinks. Like, the other receivers are average.

They’re linebacking core is average. I mean, they’ve got other holes to fill. They’ve gotten rid of their best pass rusher in JPP.

They’ve got some holes that they have to look at. And if you can get value for him, and you can get picks for him, at this point you want to reconstruct your roster. Why not?

– Danny, I want to ask you this and we don’t have a lot of time. But, when I hear you all talk about Odell, I hear you all putting him in the same category as peak Randy Moss. And I just don’t believe that. Randy Moss was a guy, everywhere he showed up records fell.

Teams went 15 and 1. One team went 16 and 0. Quarterbacks set records. Odell to me is not the same as Randy Moss, peak Randy Moss.

– I agree, Randy Moss is arguably one of the best of all time–

– Players.

– I think Odell is one of the best in the league right now. I think you put him up there with Antonio Brown, you compare him to him. They are very similar in what they do, the style with which they play. But it’s not– I agree with you.

Because Randy Moss, the guy I played with, he was at Florida State, the best sheer athlete I’ve ever seen. And Odell Beckham is a freak, but he doesn’t take over games the way Randy does, from a physical nature standpoint. Throwing it up for grabs, he’s quicker and speed wise he can make huge plays. But I don’t think he’s as dominant.

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