Jason Whitlock thinks the Giants are actively trying to trade Odell Beckham Jr.

JASON WHITLOCK: I’m not buying any of this. I think the rumors got too strong and the Giants didn’t like what was being offered because it looked like, well, damn, they’re just ready to give away Odell Beckham Jr. We’ll give you Jason Whitlock and a bowl of chili for Odell Beckham Jr. And people were like, well this is silly. So let’s now pretend like he’s not on the block and we have no interest in trading him. And then we’ll pass along some information to Schlereth’s best friend Adam Schefter and say that we want two first round draft picks for– because that’s what happened today.

He’s on the trading block, they just want more than that first round pick they initially said and they didn’t like the offers they were getting.

DANNY KANELL: I think you’re right. I mean the 48 hours– last 48 hours– have been pretty fascinating and dramatic and it’s been great for us in the media to get to talk about it. But I think you’re right.

I think you’re seeing a lot of posturing. Because, don’t forget, there is a contract negotiation going on as well if they do decide to keep Odell, or they can’t move him. What if they don’t get that offer. And I felt like the Giants, probably wisely so, took a survey– or took a poll, the temperature of the room and said, uh oh. We’ve got to make sure, because this is a player who is pretty fragile emotionally, pretty immature emotionally.

That, if you hurt his feelings or you make him– he could not report to camp, he could not be in your squad. You may not have that opportunity. So I feel like they’re trying to do some damage control by what they’ve come out and said today. I don’t think there’s any question they floated it out there, the two first rounders, just to see what the reaction would be. So I mean, don’t tell me you’re not shopping him and then all of a sudden the information of two first rounders comes out.

And just knowing Dave Gettleman, their general manager, Dave Gettleman is an inside-out guy. Like your periphery players can’t make an impact on the game if you can’t control what’s going on inside. And when you look at the New York Giants, they’re bereft of talent. They have got to definitely bolster their roster. They’ve got multiple holes on their roster, and they have got to get better all over the place.

So they win 40 whatever percent of their games with Odell Beckham Jr. That’s good enough not to win 8 games. You’re good enough to go 7-9. So, to me, it’s like, are we going to make– he will make some spectacular catches, he’ll have a few drops, and then he’ll get in a fight, and he’ll propose to a net, and he’ll do something stupid things.

But the bottom line is, we’re not a very good football team with him. And if we can get great value for him– and we’ve got multiple holes to fill and we’ve got the potential of filling those holes by getting rid of him– then it’s time to get rid of him. You win football games from the inside-out. It’s been that way since the inception of the game. It will continue to be that way.

JASON WHITLOCK: Let’s circle back, then, to a conversation we had earlier in the week. Again, so the Giants earlier in the week, it was like, we want a first round pick and something. Now today, through Adam Schefter, it’s hey, we want two first round picks. Let’s go back to, would you trade for Odell Beckham Jr? Let’s screw what the Giants want to do. If you’re some team out there, would you approach anywhere close to two first round picks for Odell Beckham Jr? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

DANNY KANELL: Two first rounders, no way. And if the Giants were given that, they better take it so fast– like they better jump all over that. One first rounder, I would. Two first rounders is crazy talk.

But I do think the Rams– and we talked about this yesterday– being this team that’s swinging for the fences. I think it’s pretty intriguing. If they’re already going all in with this, hey, vocal players, polarizing guys who might be some distractions but they’re ultra-talented, why not go all-in on that philosophy and get a dynamic play-maker by him.

But, before you make any deal, if you’re getting him, you better make sure you have a contract worked out because you’re still going to have that lingering over your head. Because he still wants to be paid.

MARK SCHLERETH: When you look at the Rams– I think it’s intriguing and I think that’s interesting– but all the guys they have brought in are on the defensive side of the ball. They’re going defense– they’re in full on that defense with those guys with attitudes. Do you really want to bring a guy in that is a, quote unquote issue, feed me the ball, if I don’t get it I’m going to pout, when you have a third-year quarterback, but really a second-year quarterback. He started seven games as a rookie.

I don’t know how that dynamic works. Do you feel comfortable? Can Jared Goff operate that situation? I mean, Eli Manning had trouble controlling that situation. That guy’s a seasoned veteran who won two world championships. I don’t know that you want to bring that in to your organization if you’re the Rams. To answer the question, a first rounder, I think about it. Two first rounders, you’re crazy.

DANNY KANELL: No one will. But I think that’s what happened. I think the Giants were looking at it and saying, hey, maybe he’s not as hot a commodity as we thought and now they’re trying to backtrack, do some damage control in case he’s still on the Giants.

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